Data Visualization

Part 1 Andy Kirk, of Visualising data,  believes that abstracts visualisation is a admixture of art and science,  creativity, assay and activity management. He sees 8 “hats” in the  data visualisation process, which can either be beat by altered  members of a team, or can be advised mindsets adopted by a abandoned  professional.  Understanding how anniversary contributes to the accomplished  product is conceivably the key to creating abundant abstracts visualisation designs… Think  about the role you played in creating a presentation or alive on a  project application abstracts visualizations. Choose two of the 8 hats and explain  your roles (in affiliation to these hats) in creating the presentation or  finishing the project. At atomic 250 words References: At atomic two Part 2:  1. Describe TQM, Six Sigma and CMM (CMMI). 2. What is a Structured Walk-thru? 3. What are Service-Oriented Architectures? Minimum 15 curve - 5 curve /question Two references

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