Data Science & Big Data

1. What are the three characteristics of Big Data, and what are the capital considerations in processing Big Data? 2. What is an analytic sandbox, and why is it important? 3. Explain the differences amid BI and Abstracts Science. 4. Describe the challenges of the accepted analytic architectonics for abstracts scientists. 5. What are the key accomplishment sets and behavioral characteristics of a abstracts scientist? Minimum APA formatting guidelines: 12-pt, Times New Roman font Double-spaced 1” margins on all sides Please accommodate a appellation folio including your Name and Assignment name. Paraphrasing of agreeable – Demonstrate that you accept the case by summarizing the case in your own words. Direct quotes should be acclimated minimally. Reference Section (A abstracted folio is recommended.) Amuse adduce the antecedent application APA formatting guidelines. If you charge advice or a refresher on this, amuse visit: (link is external) Be abiding to accommodate at atomic three (3) acclaimed sources. In-text citations – If you charge added guidance, amuse visit:

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