Data Mining

   Q. 1. Consider the bazaar bassinet transactions. When answering the beneath questions, accommodate acumen for each. Also, acutely announce for instance how you came up with the acknowledgment for the questions asked below. Show abundant steps/explanation for anniversary of the catechism below.  (100 points)                     (a) What is the best cardinal of affiliation rules that can be extracted from this abstracts (including rules that accept aught support)? (b) What is the best admeasurement of common itemsets that can be extracted (assuming minsup > 0)? (c) Write an announcement for the best cardinal of size-3 itemsets that can be acquired from this abstracts set. (d) Find an itemset (of admeasurement 2 or larger) that has the better support. (e) Find a brace of items, a and b, such that the rules   and   have the aforementioned confidence. Q. 2. What is Anomaly Detection? Call in detail the characteristics of the Anomaly Detection Problems. Also, call in detail the characteristics of Anomaly Detection Methods. (100 points) When apropos to alternative articles, you charge to adduce application the architecture accustomed actuality (either APA or MLA): Note: Failure of citations will advance to several acknowledgment of credibility or aught credibility may be awarded for the answer.

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