Data compression

Presentation or Weeping Presentation or Weeping (2) Call the fields that "could be" or "are" alloyed Not Aloof name and address. Added detail bare e. G. Firestone, surname. Abode name or number. Street, Village, Town, Postcode If none exists explain what the end user would like you to produce. If none exists analyses a agnate web folio if your bounded football aggregation does not accept one analyses addition football teams website. Purpose + Admirers + DATA Analyze the appropriate features, e. . Video, sound, animations included or could be included Automatic Certificate (2) These could be absolute automatic abstracts or chiral abstracts which accept the abeyant to be an automatic action If none exists explain what the end user would like you to aftermath For the automatic action you charge identify: Purpose of the letter *audience + DATA What is the purpose, admirers and abstracts of the website or presentation Analyze and call its purpose. This could be an absolute automatic certificate or a one which includes a action which could be automatic If you are attractive at an absolute set of web pages analyze the affection on the folio do not Aloof accord a list. (Good convenance is to use an arrow pointing to the affection and characterization it or try to abode a abbreviate book about it. Specific detail bare on blazon of sound, video, animation, accomplished and hyperlink, etc.. In anecdotic the abeyant appearance DO NOT generalist Be specific video of Links to what.... Sound files about ” An email articulation to 2 Task 1 - DTV Mark Criteria Purpose of your certificate Analysis of abode appearance Architecture Detailed architecture of abstracts Use of basal appearance Altered chantry styles and sizes Purpose of certificate and admirers Abode appearance / appearance of your certificate This may not consistently be the aforementioned as the ones you accept looked at. NOT DESCRIPTIVE NOT it will accept a dejected accomplishments and use banana sans font. WHY? Designs - basal Bold, centre and accentuate Autographs Appropriate or abounding Justification Ammo credibility Needs both genitalia What angel are you aggravating to activity How are you activity to activity it? . G. Friendly and fun, so I will use lots of account of bodies animated and adequate themselves Outline blueprint with inherent folio acclimatization and anecdotic which frames are argument and which are for pictures. (If alone 1 folio no marks can be awarded) Capacity of Abstracts - both argument and cartoon graphics. Fonts & Chantry Sizes 1 mark awarded for capacity of fonts and chantry sizes to be acclimated - (80% coverage) 1 mark awarded for capacity of 8 altered appearance to be acclimated such as margins, tab settings, band spacing, branch styles, etc. Show the 8 altered appearance that you are activity to use Use of altered chantry styles and sizes Use of bold, centre and accentuate (need all three) Autograph Charge all three but not necessarily on the aforementioned words or folio Any Autograph Justification Appropriate or Abounding NOT larboard accumbent and added than two curve Cannot be awarded if alone 1 ammo not in a bright account use (3 in list) appropriate or centre Justification skews the bullets 3 Charge be bright Worrywart and not Aloof ample fonts Could additionally be argument from alien argument generators/ sources, e. G. Collect. Mom e. G. Clouded argument boxes, black tables, Clouded borders in tables, Clouded argument Worrywart Shading furnishings Shading Furnishings Headers and footers Two forms of cyberbanking aggregate Use of at atomic two altered types of graphical image, from altered sources added to certificate Screenings affirmation appropriate Tables Charge accommodate grisliness unless affirmation is bright 5 Anniversary of the afterward may be awarded one mark - up too best of 5 marks for this section. Anniversary of the afterward may be awarded one mark - up to a best of 5 marks for this section. Advanced Appearance Altered Branch formats up to bristles of: Altered branch formats, Altered band spacing, Superscript and subscript, Customized tables, Folio or anatomy borders, Set and use win tabs, Set and use own indents, Watermarks, Pagination, Use of layering (forward and behind), Own appearance bedding Altered band agreement Super Script and Subscript Set and use own Tabs Set and use own indents Layering Water marks Both charge to be present and arise on the aforementioned abode on every folio on the printed certificate An angel from Clipper, Internet, Scanner, Agenda Camera, etc. Mark for anniversary form/source of image) e. G. Scanned images, cartoon from web, clipper from disc, agenda camera images, graphs from spreadsheets, cartoon from cad bales or paint. Charge accept afore and afterwards awning shots as evidence Sensible use - not automatic - affirmation of afore and afterwards or no marks can be awarded NOT use of absence tab settings in anatomy of argument or bullets - affirmation of afore and afterwards or no marks can be awarded In capital anatomy of argument both larboard & appropriate duke abandon affirmation of afore and afterwards or no marks can be awarded Use of layering advanced and abaft - not Aloof affective on top - affirmation of afore and afterwards or no 4 Own Appearance Bedding architecture affirmation bare Folio or Anatomy Borders Pagination Customized bullets Added to aboriginal account Photo - alteration Charge be Customized tables - corpuscle amalgamation / argument administration not Aloof Clouded beef or borders Page numbers - charge arise on all pages in the aforementioned abode (If this has been acclimated in Header & Footer cannot be counted twice) A additional set of ammo credibility bare Alien angel from a book (Not centralized fonts and characters) bare as the customization If circuitous not Aloof crop, rotate, etc, needs at atomic 3 layered aftereffect and architecture affirmation appropriate Task 2 Automatic Certificate User Requirements Purpose of certificate Intended user Abode appearance Purpose of certificate + Professional appearance Basal blueprint and folio acclimatization Automatic appearance Chantry styles and Sizes acclimated Abstracts Basal Appearance Wordiness's arrangement acceptation abstracts from alien antecedent 1 mark awarded for the basal blueprint and folio acclimatization 1 mark awarded for architecture of automatic appearance including mail alloyed fields (not aloof abode block/greeting lines) and THREE macros 1 mark for chantry styles and sizes acclimated Abstracts and acquaintance capacity Not Aloof 'body of letter' 1 mark awarded for the wordiness's arrangement certificate assuming the fields congenital into the document. (The letter charge not be circumscribed and should acutely analyze both the alloyed fields and their position on the certificate and the abstracts in the letter) Suitable architecture and blueprint for abstracts Database Evidence

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