Data and Security System

   What are      some examples of arcane information? (provide at atomic 5 examples).      (10 points) 2. What does a absorber overflow do? (10 points)  3. Why is it important for advice aegis professionals to apperceive the laws that affect them? (10 points) 4. What are some alternative aegis models besides the CIA triad? (10 points) 5. What are the four apparatus of aegis documentation? (10 points) 6. What are responsibilities of a aegis architect? (10 points) 7. What is authentication? What is authorization? Together, what are affidavit and allotment acclimated for? (10 points). 8. What are the three commands for administering database article permissions? (10 points) 9. What best convenance arrangement architectonics should be acclimated for databases that accommodate abstracts via a web server to the Internet? (10 points) 10. Why is encryption about not acclimated in the amount layer? (10 points)

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