Data analytics problems

   1. Put the acknowledgment to the catechism in the Quiz. 2. Put all your addendum that appearance how you apparent the questions in Word and (or) Excel files (what is applicable). Please, upload Word and Excel files in the shell, created beneath the Final Exam. Just go aback to Module 8 and Find the Assignment  "Final Exam Files Submission" 3 I charge aggregate apparent how the assignment was apparent excel This quiz opened at Sunday, October 21, 2018, 9:00 AM This quiz will abutting at Sunday, October 21, 2018, 1:00 PM Grading method: Highest grade 1.Based on actual data, sales for a accurate corrective band chase a connected compatible administration with a lower absolute of $2,500 and an high absolute of $5,000. A.  What are the beggarly and accepted aberration of this compatible distribution? B.  What is the anticipation that sales beat $4,000? 2. Abounding bodies administer for jobs to serve as paramedics or firefighters, yet they cannot complete basal concrete fettle standards. A abstraction begin that 77% of all candidates for paramedic and firefighter positions were ample or obese. A.  What is the accepted amount and the accepted absurdity of the sample admeasurement acquired from a accidental sample of 100 candidates for paramedic or firefighter positions? b. What are the accepted amount and the accepted absurdity of the sample admeasurement acquired from a accidental sample of 200 candidates for paramedic or firefighter positions? 3.The appointed accession time for a circadian flight from Boston to New York is 9:25 am. Actual abstracts appearance that the accession time follows the connected compatible administration with an aboriginal accession time of 9:15 am and a backward accession time of 9:55 am. a. Calculate the beggarly and the accepted aberration of the distribution. b. What is the anticipation that a flight arrives backward (later than 9:25 am)? c. Vee Products Company is investigating the achievability of bearing and business backyard accumulator sheds. d. Undertaking this activity would crave the architecture of either   a ample or a baby accomplishment plant. Vee, of course, has the advantage of not developing the new artefact band at all. e. The bazaar for the artefact produced—storage sheds—could be either favorable or unfavorable. Anticipation – 0.6 favorable and 0.40 abortive market.  f. A.Construct a Decision tree, g. B.Construct  a Decision Table assuming bazaar for artefact produced, h. C.Calculate Maximax, Maximin and appropriately likely, i. D.Construct a Decision Table beneath uncertainty, j. E.Determine the accepted budgetary amount (EMV) for anniversary alternative. 4.The beggarly acme of developed men in the u.s is 69.7 inches, with a accepted aberration of 3 inches. (a)A sociologist believes that taller men may be added acceptable to be answer to position of leadership, so the beggarly acme µ of macho business admiral may be greater than the beggarly acme of the absolute macho population. (b)A simple accidental of 100 macho business admiral has a beggarly acme of 69.9in. Assume that the accepted aberration of macho controlling heights is α=3 inches . Can we achieve that the macho business admiral are taller on boilerplate than the accepted macho citizenry at the α= 0.05 level 5.Scientists appetite to appraisal the beggarly weight of mice afterwards they accept been fed a appropriate diet.  From antecedent studies, it is accepted that the weight is commonly broadcast with accepted aberration 3 grams.  How abounding mice charge be advised so that a 95% aplomb breach will accept a allowance of absurdity of 0.5 grams?

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