data analytics

   Spreadsheets are advantageous for abounding alternative things besides banking tasks, such as advance letters and for befitting clue of anecdotic data. For your final activity and presentation in this course, you will actualize at atomic two tables and an accompanying clear that will advice you address functions and apprentice simple programming techniques application avant-garde Excel features. This appointment gives you the befalling to authenticate the ability you accept acquired by application real-world abstracts and applying at atomic bristles appearance of Excel to your dataset. Similar to the appointment you completed for your account assignments, you will charge to locate real-world data. For this assignment, you will charge to locate and advance ample datasets. Please acquisition adapter of dataset I choose.  it shows The advance of supermarkets in best busy cities are accretion and bazaar competitions are additionally high. The dataset is one of the actual sales of bazaar aggregation which has recorded in 3 altered branches for 3 months data. Predictive abstracts analytics methods are accessible to administer with this dataset In an 8-10 folio report: Provide an addition to your      overall project Give a account and      explanation for the datasets you accept chosen Include at atomic two tables      demonstrating your abstracts and analysis Actualize at atomic one clear to      visualize the abstracts and your analysis Explain how you accept analyzed      the abstracts application at atomic 5 Excel functions Give a absolute assay of the      data and it's implications not alone for the alignment but additionally the      industry in which the alignment operates. Offer any closing thoughts      about the abstracts and the all-embracing project Your address should be 8-10 pages, not including awning and advertence pages. Provide at atomic 5 alfresco references and use APA format.

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