data analytics

  Assignment 1: The Big Picture.  A 1-page accepted description of your business (in APA format).  Describe the affair (the business) for which you will aggregate abstracts and accomplish analytics?  Whom is your customer? Where will you get the data?  Remember, you are in some angle of the Abstracts Analytics business.  You assay abstracts and you advertise predictions of some sort. What account do you have?   See the articulation in WEEK 1 MODULE with 10 samples of Abstracts Analytics business and additionally some above-mentioned projects that alternative acceptance invented.  Upload your MS-word certificate here. Do NOT download article from Google - such as a description of addition else's business.  You are creating cast new start-up of your own! Also not aloof aloof "educate" me in some affair ....tell the adventure of your proposed aboriginal abstracts analytics business.  I am attractive for you today "My abstracts analytics business will do X and will get abstracts from Y and will assay that abstracts and advertise predictions to Z" or article forth those lines.  Do you understand? Here are some samples of things you are NOT activity to address about: selling computers creating a food-delivery business starting an Amazon-related artefact business   

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