As a abstracts steward, you accept been asked to actualize a Microsoft Access database to abundance accommodating demographics. Once you accept created the database, you charge address behavior to administer how the abstracts should be collected, stored, and shared. Use chase accoutrement to advice you address your policies. Part-1: Actualize Your Access Database Be abiding to accommodate the afterward demographic elements in your database: Patient First Name Patient Last Name Patient Middle Initial Street Address State Zip Code Phone number Social Security Number Birthdate Gender Emergency Contact Name Emergency Contact Number Primary Physician Once you accept created the database with the accommodating demographic elements, accommodate apocryphal advice for 3 patients for anniversary element. Part-2: Actualize Your Action and Action Document In a Microsoft Word document, actualize a Action and Action certificate to administer the collection, storage, and administration of data. For your convenience, a bare action and action arrangement is provided below. Download: Action and Action Template Be abiding able APA formatting is followed and that your appointment is chargeless of spelling and grammar errors.

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