To adapt for this Discussion: Review Chapter 8 of the Ravitch and Carl argument and Chapter 12 of the Rubin and Rubin argument and accede the differences in coding, categories, and themes. Use the Course Guide and Assignment Help begin in this week’s Learning Resources to chase for books, encyclopedias and accessories accompanying to coding, categories, and capacity in qualitative research. Review your coding of your buzz account transcript. Analyze two or added codes that could be aggregate into a category. Next, analyze samples of argument you chose to ascertain the codes. Do the aforementioned for one of the Scholars of Change videos that you coded. Consider if you can ascertain a affair arising from your abstracts assay process. If you can analyze a theme, name and call it. If you cannot, accede why this is the case. By Day 3 Post an account of the differences amid codes, categories, and themes. Provide examples from your work. Use your Learning Resources and the commodity you begin to abutment your explanation.

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