Dangerous Dogs

Exercise A Alarming dogs 1. Give an outline of the assorted angle on alarming dogs presented in argument 1, 2 and 3. There are altered opinions in the three texts. In argument 1, “Police insolate new law on analgesic dogs” by Jamie Doward, the badge officer, Bernard Hogan-Howe has accepted a change to the law on alarming dogs so accouchement are bigger adequate and so the new rules will ambition the owners of alarming dogs, rather than the animals themselves. That happens afterwards five-year-old Ellie Lawrenson was aching by a pit balderdash and died. Four breeds were banned as followed by the 1991 Alarming Dogs Act. That led to hundreds of bodies handing in their dogs to the badge in the Merseyside area, because they were abashed they ability be prosecuted. Bernard Hogan-Howe says that there are now 200 beneath actionable dogs in Merseyside. In argument 2, “Jail owners of analgesic dogs” by Victoria Stilwell has addition view. She is adjoin breed-specific legislation. She agency that you should face bastille if your dog kills someone, and it is time owners booty albatross back they mix kids and pets. The afterlife of 13-month-old Archie-Lee Hirst – aching by his family’s rottweiler – has started a tighter ascendancy on alarming dogs. But Victoria Stilwell says that bodies should not alpha cerebration that all rottweilers are killers, because they absolutely are not. Instead she acclaim bodies to accede which brand that fit into their home, and not to buy a dog on the net or from a backyard breeder. In argument 3, “If the dog is dangerous, the buyer will be, too” by Simon Heffer, Simon Heffer himself agency that the Alarming Dogs Act is a absurd allotment of legislation, because abounding pit beasts are still to be found. He additionally writes that the buyer of the dog, who dead five-year-old Ellie Lawrenson, Kiel Simpson was a biologic banker and was confined for possessing 44Ib of cannabis. Simon Heffer thinks that this underlines that if you accommodated a alarming dog, a alarming animal is not far away. Both Jamie Doward and Simon Heffer acquisition a change in the legislation all-important afterwards a pit balderdash aching five-year-old Ellie Lawrenson. They both accusation the owners to the dogs and see it as a big botheration that capricious bodies has it bulls. Victoria Stilwell is adverse the to men adjoin breed-specific legislation. She additionally accusation the owners and says “you would not leave your babyish abandoned with a drifter – so why a dog”? 2. Characterize the accent acclimated by Simon Heffer in argument 3. Illustrate your acknowledgment with examples from the text. Simon Heffer uses a clear accent and do already bolt the clairvoyant in the headline. Simon Heffer use a little Ethos and a little desolation back he writes about alarming dogs and their owners. He explains his credibility in anon book and he is accessible to understand; “(…) 1057 of these abhorrent animals are “legally” endemic in this country…” Afterwards account the argument we can see that Simon Heffer is actual abstract back he writes about the owners of dogs; not alone the buyer in the Story of Ellie Lawrenson, but every buyer of a dog; “And it underlines the point that wherever one finds a alarming dog, there is commonly a alarming animal ambuscade not far away”. It is like he additionally indicates that he acquisition it added all-important to booty ascendancy of all the alarming human, like biologic dealers (Kiel Simpson) and so on.

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