Using the Video Appraisal Guideline below and the elements of choreography (time, amplitude and energy) begin in Chapter 2 of the text, address a 5 paragraph essay on the dance video "Singing in the Rain" featuring Gene Kelly as the performer. 1 branch account the following: blazon of ball (modern, ballet, etc.), blazon of music and blazon of choreography (narrative, contemporary or abstract....and explain why you chose the blazon you did), next 1 branch on the concrete characteristics, and assuredly 1 branch anniversary on the three choreographic characteristics of (space, time and energy) as abundant in Chapter 2 of the text. This appointment should be in branch anatomy with book structure. Do not  artlessly account your observations, address in complete sentences! Video Appraisal Guideline: This appraisal should not accommodate your assessment of the video. There is no charge for an anterior or absolute paragraph. You should bisect the appraisal into sections, 1. A beneath branch on the types of music, types of ball and types of choreography (narrative, thematic, abstract) 2. a added absolute branch on the concrete characteristics (costuming, footwear, date space, sets (if any), accomplishments (if any), lighting and accomplishments and 3. three paragraphs (1 each) for the aforementioned three choreographic characteristics of space, time and energy. Physical Characteristics: Include observations such as what blazon of apparel & accomplishments are visible. What is the set? Lighting for the dance? How about the ball flooring? What blazon of ball shoes or cossack is actuality worn? Choreographic Characteristics:  Space: Accommodate things like Levels acclimated (is there aerial akin with jumping? low akin with kneeling? average akin with locomotor movements?) What blazon of locomotor movements? (running, hopping, skipping, leaping, etc.) Direction including forward, astern and aslant on the perfromance space. Inward vs. apparent focus. Depth/Width on the date including agreement (the acclimation of the movements appropriately on the stage) vs. aberration (unequal or asymmetric staging). And phrases and transistions including aerial and low credibility and activating changes in the advance of the ball (much like you have with sentences in amalgam a paragragh!). Time: Accommodate things like Speed/Tempo relating to the how fast or apathetic the dancers are affective in affiliation to the music pulse/underlying beat. Stillness back the ballerina is briefly "frozen" in abode in the dance. Energy: Accommodate movement qualities such as percussive, swinging, sustained, cavernous and suspending. Important! Be abiding to accord examples of your observations (such as: "The ballerina showed abeyant activity back she was captivated aerial by her partner). Do not artlessly state: "In this ball there was abeyant energy".   Link  (Links to an alien site.) Links to an alien site.

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