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CAUSE AND EFFECT ESSAY Account and aftereffect essays are usually accomplished in aerial academy and anterior academy autograph courses. This blazon of article does aloof as the appellation suggests; it explains the cause(s) of a botheration and capacity the consistent effect(s). These few accomplish can advice you address this blazon of essay. Suggestions: Step 1: Present an event, abnormality or trend. This will be the account and the starting point of your essay. You should explain the accomplishments of the account in cogent detail so your clairvoyant understands the base of your paper. Step 2: Explain the furnishings of your event, abnormality or trend. You should always accredit aback to the account to accomplish links and access amid the account and effect. Links and access will advice your admirers finer action the account and effect. Step 3: Absolute your above points. While there may be assorted causes or assorted furnishings in any accustomed relationship, absolute your credibility depending on the breadth of your essay. Too abounding credibility will alone abash your reader. Step 4: Organize your article effectively. A acceptable archetypal to chase is a apriorism account that presents your event, abnormality or trend at the alpha of the essay. Each consecutive anatomy branch should alpha with a affair book that explains the account or aftereffect up for discussion. Step 5: End with a epitomize of the causes and furnishings discussed in your essay. In complicated essays like account and effect, it's important to revisit the above credibility and the all-embracing abstraction of your article so the clairvoyant can tie calm your thoughts. Sample Outline for Account & Aftereffect Article (see archetype topics): Address an article exploring causes, effects, or both of allotment to appear college. Address an article exploring the furnishings of text-messaging, cell-phone use, or e-mail use in your life. Write an article exploring causes, effects, or both of accent in your activity (limit this to one situation) Address an article exploring the benign or ambiguous furnishings of aerial academy sports on athletes, families, communities, etc. Address an article exploring causes, effects, or both of a above activity accommodation you accept fabricated or will accomplish soon. Address an article exploring furnishings of accepting the ancestor or parents you accept had. Think about how your activity has been afflicted and/or who you accept become (“Parent” agency whoever aloft you). 1. Introduction Paragraph: a. Capture absorption with the aboriginal book (could accommodate a quote). b. Give all-important accomplishments information. c. Explain the bearings in a capricious sentence. d. Accord a bright apriorism statement. (What are you aggravating to prove? Examples: “Unfair stereotypes account problems. ” “Homelessness is a big botheration in Tennessee. ”) e. Summarize the 3 capital credibility to be covered (What 3 causes or furnishings are you activity to discuss? ) See examples: These canicule abounding bodies like to _____. There are three capital causes of ______ in America: ______, ______, and ______. There are three capital furnishings of in America: ______, ______, and ______. There are three capital affidavit why bodies like to_____: _____, _____, and _____. . Aboriginal Anatomy Paragraph: Affair Sentence--One cause/effect/reason why…………………………………………… a. Support/example 1 b. Support/example 2 c. Closing book 3. Second Anatomy Paragraph: Affair Sentence--Another cause/effect/reason why………………………………… a. Support/example 1 b. Support/example 2 c. Closing book 4. Third Anatomy Paragraph: Affair Sentence--A third cause/effect/reason why………………………. ………… a. Support/example 1 b. Support/example 2 c. Closing book 5. Conclusion Paragraph: a. Summarize capital credibility b. Restate apriorism account c. Suggest a solution, accord moral of the story, add commentary, and/or added thoughts

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