Damath Game Essay

Introduction: Damath comes from the Pinoys checker lath bold alleged “dama” and Mathematics. It blends bounded civilization. apprenticeship and agenda engineering that aim to do algebraic apprenticeship and larning child-friendly. against and synergistic. DAMATH. a patent-pending algebraic board-game invented by five-time civic awardees Jesus L. Huenda. is coined from the accepted Filipino checker lath bold of Dama. ( or adult in Spanish ) and mathematics. It started in a Sorsogon Civic High Academy class in Sorsogon. Philippines and its acceptance beforehand rapidly and resulted in the aboriginal civic DAMATH competitions captivated at Legaspi City in 1980. He accomplished this antagonism with the abutment of the Science Foundation of the Philippines. He hopes to present DAMATH to accessory algebraic advisers as allocation of a appeal of his assignment as PASMEP Fellow at Curtin University / WACAE. Western Australia. Why DAMATH? Because in its abandoned manner. Damath lath bold ushers the Filipino academy childs into the new millenary by fiting them with competitory life-long accretion for compassionate and ICT-fluency accomplishments. Back academy kids comedy Damath lath bold they besides apprentice to research. firm-up. intensify. and reassign to circadian undertakings the constructs of exact Numberss and its belongingss and operations. Furthermore. it stimulates the children’s ability to accept added through artistic algebraic storytelling. breeze chart. assemble map. timberline diagram. angel conundrum. haiku. cryptograph. abstruse allocation decrypting. simulation. action playing. babel or accusation composition. ambition account authorship. and job resolution. This bold is acceptable and you can larn fast about artful and application the altered operations in Mathematics. Aims of the bold “DAMATH” I. To absorb the Filipino checkerboard bold of Dama into the apprenticeship of algebraic constructs and accomplishments. two. To beforehand the use of recycled stuffs in architecture Damath lath set ( for schoolroom acceptance alone ) . three. To analyse Damath as a accessible affair of algebraic probes. four. To heighten wholesome interpersonal dealingss amid scholars. v. To beforehand algebraic alertness among. domiciliary associates in appropriate and the association in accepted through the mathematics club’s association beat Damath competitions. six. To beforehand alertness of misss in mathematics [ as macho autocrat is to the bold of cheat. so dama is to Damath ] . History of the game: The game’s name. “Damath. ” comes from the accepted lath bold “dama” and “mathematics. ” It was invented by Jesus L. Huenda. a adviser in Sorsogon. who had encountered jobs in acquirements algebraic utilizing acceptable apprenticeship methods. Inspired in allocation by an investigatory adventure alleged “Dama de Numero” submitted by a adherent in 1975. Huenda overhauled the bold and alien it to his category. who enjoyed playing. Damath grew in acceptance so that by 1980. the aboriginal Damath tourney was captivated in Sorsogon. The afterward twelvemonth. Huenda accustomed a gilded brand from the backward President Ferdinand Marcos for his genitalia in the acreage of acquirements mathematics. The bold accomplished its aiguille acceptance in the ninetiess. back it fabricated the assemblage of ammunitions of several mathematics apprenticeship conventions all over the cosmos such as the tenth Appointment of the Algebraic Association of Western Australia ( MAWA ) . the UNESCO-ICT4E appointment in Thailand. the SEAMEO RECSAM/SEAMEC appointment in Malaysia. and the APEC Acquirements Association Builders ( ALCoB ) appointment in Korea. The Basic bold of the Play As the name implies. the bold is basically the aforementioned as Dama but with an added algebraic turn: in adjustment to win in Damath. a actor charge hit the best credibility which are becoming by “eating” the opponent’s pieces. In Dama. the move ends at that abode ; in Damath. the actor charge assignment out the algebraic operation on the aboveboard in which the opponent’s allotment is anon standing. The acknowledgment to that algebraic operation is the sum of credibility that the actor will accept back s/he does “eat” the opponent’s piece. If the allotment apparent “-1” chows the allotment apparent “-3. ” with “-3” continuing on a bearing square. the actor charge foremost assignment out the operation ( -1 x -3 = 3 ) and will access three points. The bold will biking on until all pieces acceptance to a actor accept been eaten and the tonss computed. Because of the appeal to assignment out operations. participants charge name bottomward all moves during the bold so the moves can be reviewed. decidedly by the Judgess in a tourney scene.

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