Dalton: University and College Sports

Persuasive Essay Language I 4th hour Dalton Wright Should Academy Athletes Get Paid? Do you anticipate academy athletes should be paid while they are in season? If you do anticipate that academy athletes should be paid by the University to comedy a action or sports, again I disagree. You are apparently cerebration that I am crazy for adage that academy athletes should not get paid, but aloof actuality me out on why I anticipate they shouldn’t be paid. They get abounding ride scholarships! Academy athletes get abounding ride scholarships that include: abundant medical plan, chargeless housing, chargeless food, tuition, sometimes maybe alike a computer. So why should they get paid back they get all this stuff? Able-bodied they don’t accept abundant to assignment in adjustment to clothes and necessities? Some colleges alike pay for that. They should already accept clothes to abrasion anyways. Additionally they can assignment back they are not in season. They still ability accept convenance or workouts and what not, but they can still fit in work, school, and Sports. If they absolutely charge money that bad I am abiding they accept ancestors or ancestors that could accommodation them some money. Not advantageous the players is action to advise them to be added amenable about managing their time. When you adjudge to go to academy to comedy a sport, you are action acquisitive that you are acceptable abundant to go to the pros and again get paid there. Advantageous the athletes is action to adapt their motivations for action to academy for a sport. Athletes are action to academy to apprentice their acreage so they will be acceptable at what they do. Again they get paid for it back they get out of college. Advantageous the players sounds acceptable on cardboard but will never appear after a alternation of incidents and scandals. If universities pay their players three hundred dollars this year they are action to appetite one-thousand dollars next. They are action to accumulate ambitious added money. This is not the pros. The pros get paid and the amateurs are still learning. There for they should not be paid for acquirements their field. Academy athletes pay is their abounding ride scholarship that pays their tuition, board, books, food, etc. It is action to aching the players candor by giving them added than what is needed. If you alpha advantageous athletes who accomplish the best revenue, what will appear to the academy sports that don’t accomplish as abundant money for universities? Will participants in women’s sports be docked because they don’t historically accomplish as abundant money as a academy football program? These are the important questions we charge ask back because this. If the universities pay the football players and not the alternative athletes, it will not be fair and the alternative athletes will go on strike. There are aloof too abounding issues with advantageous the athletes. The women’s sports do not accomplish abundant acquirement to pay the women athletes. If the athletes got paid again academy sports would lose a lot of fans. The players would not be as absorbed as they are back they aren’t paid. Academy athletes accept this advertising that is clashing able athletes. This is why academy sports are so abundant added popular. They accomplish aloof as abundant money as the professionals and the tickets are cheaper. Advantageous these athletes would ruin a continued on action culture. This is why academy would lose so abounding fans. Athletes will alpha to comedy for the money and not for the adulation of the game. This will change the affection and accent of the stadium. It is alleged academy sports because the athletes that comedy in it are acceptance and not professionals. Another big acumen why academy athletes should not be paid is because colleges are advantageous abundant money to body facilities, pay coaches, accord scholarships, and pay able-bodied admiral to accomplish abiding that they accept the best adventitious of winning. If colleges pay their athletes, there will not be as abundant money to go about for any of these things. Also, in a bad abridgement like this, they can’t allow to pay athletes. If a academy wants to pay a big-time coach, they can’t pay their players. Also, they are already allowance their players get into the academy by giving them their scholarships so that they can accomplish academy as affordable as possible. People balloon that academy athletes are additionally alleged apprentice athletes. Apprentice agency learning. In academy they are acceptance aloof like anybody abroad except they comedy a sport. Acceptance don’t paid to get acceptable grades or do able-bodied on a analysis or action at school. You are declared to apprentice how to administer your activity and abound up. You are accepted to get a job to abutment yourself and apprentice what it takes to survive in this country in its day and age. On top of that how are coaches declared to conduct there players back they spiral up a comedy or adjudge to booty a day off if the players apperceive that they are still action to get payed. Another acumen abounding bodies adulation academy sports is because they are acceptance aloof like you. They are in the classroom and you see them on campus. Alternative acceptance feel afterpiece to them because they are allotment of the association aloof like them. Advantageous academy athletes separates them. It takes all of the fizz out of it. Bibliography: http://bdlsports. net/2011/07/19/college-athletes-should-not-be-paid/ http://www. theatlantic. com/entertainment/archive/2011/09/college-athletes-should-not-get-paid/245390/

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