(Daisy Arabella ) Writing an Efficient Business Complaint Letter

As the Vice President of Rochester Preferred Travel, you are agitated with Premier Promos. Premier is a archive aggregation that provides imprinted promotional articles for companies. Your biking account was attractive for article appropriate to activity in announcement its cruise address biking packages. Premier offered chargeless samples of its promotional merchandise, beneath its "No Surprise" policy. You asked yourself, "What can we lose?" and on January 11, you placed a blast adjustment for a cardinal of samples. These included: An cloistral cafeteria sack A carriageable ability band in a zippered case A square-ended butt bag with fanny pack A choice canvas attaché case Two colors of garment-dyed sweatshirts All items were declared to be free. But it seemed odd to you back they asked for your company's acclaim agenda number. This was because Premier had promised to bill you alone if you absitively to accumulate these sample items. When the items arrived, you were not pleased. You alternate them all on January 21. You accept a postal cancellation assuming the return. However, your February acclaim agenda account showed a allegation of $258.20 for the sample items. You alleged Premier in February and batten to Virginia, who assured you that a acclaim would be fabricated on your abutting statement. However, your March account showed no credit. You alleged afresh and accustomed a agnate promise. It's now April and no acclaim has been made. You apprehend that this bearings is now too complicated for addition blast call, and you adjudge to address and appeal action. Based on your analysis and compassionate of the scenario, actualize a certificate in Microsoft Word that is a abstract of a complaint letter. Using chase agreement such as “writing” AND "business letter" or “complaint letter”, use the South University Online Library to acquisition assets that will advice you address the letter. The complaint letter needs to be addressed to: Ms. Arletta Sandusky, Customer Services, Premier Promos, 2445 Bermiss Road, Valdosta, GA 31602. Your letter should accommodate the afterward elements: All the capital genitalia of a business letter. The aperture and closing of the letter charge authenticate originality. The letter charge accept absolutely phrased content. Submission Details: Cite any sources you use in APA architecture on a abstracted page. Submit your letter in a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document. Name your book SU_BUS2023_W1_LastName_FirstInitial.doc. Submit your certificate to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

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