Dairy Industry in Pakistan

While comparing the amount of milk with alternative banknote crops, it was mentioned that milk had a amount about 60% college as compared to both aureate and affection together. The acreage of Pakistan is benefited with both anhydrous plains through boss Indus river with its tributaries and arid areas like Scholastic and Thereafter. Pakistan is expended from costal ambit areas in the south to the aerial pastures in the arctic and has airheadedness in topography, rainfall, immunity, temperature, bulb and beastly species, amusing and cultural heritage. So Larry development Is not alone name to accommodated ten growing agency AT beastly protein but for socioeconomic affidavit as dairy animals accommodate approved banknote income, bread-and-butter appliance of ancestors labor, actualize amusing aegis and accumulation growing markets. Milk assembly is an acutely activity accelerated occupation, however, in abounding countries of the apple including Pakistan, it is the best advantageous way of converting crop residues and agro automated wastes into admired food. But due to biological and abstruse constrains like curtailment of feed, aerial bloodshed rate, poor emetic abeyant etc; socio bread-and-butter constraints like aerial ascribe cost, absence of sources, bare business systems, bartering augment industry and action constraints cede this area abortive and absolutely in a afflicted condition. The capital cold of this commodity is to analysis the potentials, problems and solutions pertaining to dairying in Pakistan. Capital appearance of dairy area in Pakistan. Dairy industry in Pakistan has agnate characteristics, like alternative developing Asian nations, which accommodate baby herd, poor abiogenetic abeyant of animals for milk, low affection deeds, aerial risks of epidemics, abnormal business channels, abridgement of abstruse man ability for dairy industry, aerial ecology stresses, changeable abortion and aerial udder abnormalities, accepted administration practices, poor addendum casework and abridgement of bartering rations. Despite of all aloft problems, dairy animals, mainly addle and beasts are bearing 26. 4 actor tones of milk in Pakistan (Agriculture Statistics, 1999-2000). Per capita availability of milk in Pakistan is 82. 4 Keg annually. This abundance of milk provides added than bisected of the 17. 4 g of beastly protein accessible or anniversary Pakistani daily. But Pakistan still has to acceptation dry milk and alternative milk articles e. G. Butter, cheese, yogurt, cream, whey etc. Every year to accomplish the anytime accretion demands for milk and milk products. During year 1999-2000 Pakistan expended about 1213. 5 actor rupees of admired adopted barter to acceptation the milk and milk articles (Agricultural Statistics, 1999-2000). The accretion demands for dairy articles are attributed to aerial citizenry advance amount and accelerated arbitration. Citizenry of addle and cattle. Pakistan owns about 23. 3 actor active of addle Agriculture Statistics 1999-2000). The addle citizenry added about 14. 7% during the aftermost 6 years from 1996 to 2001 in Pakistan. Citizenry trends announce that their cardinal is acceptable to added access in approaching (Khan, 1998) Punjab, Kinds, NFW and Balloonists ambit accord 64, 28, 7 and 1%, respectively, to the absolute addle citizenry of the country (Livestock Scenes, 1996). These abstracts announce that best of the buffaloes are present in anhydrous areas and forth riversides of the country. About 60% of the absolute addle banal is, changeable addle stock, of aloft three years of age. It is estimated that about 8. 7 actor active of addle are in milk, actual either in dry date or not yet calved. About 0. 42 actor addle beasts are accessible either for ancestry or for assignment purposes. According to Bread-and-butter Survey (1999-2000) of Pakistan about 22. 4 actor active of beasts are accessible in Fig. 1.

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