Daddy’s gunna get you!

In Ball we fabricated up a comedy about a babe Jo who becomes bedevilled by her accompany backward father, we got the abstraction from a adventure that Miss Risk apprehend out to the class, the adventure was like a abstruseness adventure and independent clues to why this actuality alleged Jo was begin at the decay ground, the clues area little like, her posters were broken off the walls and her mirror was burst into pieces in which her mother saw and followed to acquisition the babe at the site, we fabricated abiding we acclimated the clues in our comedy as able-bodied as alternative account that we came up with such as, my acquaintance Charlotte came up with the abstraction of application a ouiga lath for the control and addition acquaintance that I formed with alleged Nina came up with the abstraction of the destroyed, apparitional abode were the boscage currently is. We all came up with abounding ideas, some which we could not use because we begin them adamantine to do or they became ambagious to the audience, one of these account was that we amid beam backs and forwards, as if the admirers was seeing what the babe went through to see area she is now but we got abashed accomplishing it so we ample if we were abashed and we knew what was activity on in the play, we realised that an admirers who had never alike apparent the comedy afore would accept no abstraction what was activity on so we had to cut those scenes out. In my comedy I formed in a baby group, which consisted abandoned of four people, those bodies were: Nina Elliott Charlotte Ireland Zoe Hammett And of advance myself, the genitalia we played were cogent and abandoned to the extra and actualization in the play. Charlotte played the allotment of Jo's friend, Sophia; she is a shy babe she dresses actual changeable and acts candied and innocent, Sophia is absolutely a actual nice babe she has aloof been bought into the amiss army of people. She lives with her Mum and her Step-Dad abreast Jo's house. Sophia and her Mum accept afresh been falling out over the actuality that Sophia wants to apperceive her absolute father, her mother is too afraid to acquaint her because Sophia ability acquisition out the abstruse of what absolutely happened and she doesn't apperceive how her new bedmate (Sophia's Step-Dad) will react, Sophia abandoned wants to apperceive a few things about him, she doesn't see the botheration she aloof wants too know, What he looked like, his name and best chiefly acclimate or not he is still alive, She is a actual analytical actualization and is absolutely calmly pushed into things, Sophia is about a complete adverse of My character. The actualization I comedy is Jo, a babe with a few problems (although she doesn't like to accept it) She dresses in a gothic actualization and doesn't affliction what bodies anticipate or say about her, she doesn't affliction about alternative peoples animosity aloof as continued as she gets what she wants and she would never do annihilation for anyone abroad if she doesn't see what she can get out of it. She is absolutely a actualization that best bodies would alarm a bully. The bodies she hangs about with are outcasts like herself, they accept been disowned by their old accompany because things like the way they look, act or their crisis problems, all they absolutely accept acquaintance astute now is anniversary other. Although Jo tries to adumbrate it she absolutely loves the cool accustomed but because of her gothic actualization she hides her affections (Well except her sarcasm) My acquaintance Nina played the allotment of Lavender addition of Jo's out-casted friends; she is added 'down to earth' and mellow, she dresses like a hippy but additionally like Jo loves the cool accustomed but clashing Jo she does adumbrate it; she studies it, she studies a lot of what she is into and is dying to apperceive what has been covered up in the baby apple they animate in (if annihilation at all) Lavender is the one who brings the ouiga lath to academy and catches Jo's absorption with it. Lavenders mother doesn't apperception at all about her attractive and studing things like that as continued as she doesn't try them central the abode that is what brings it all to Jo's abode because no way would Sophia alike blow the affair let abandoned let it into the abode and that is one affair she was not activity to be pushed into. Zoe played the allotment of badge woman and the mother to all three girls, she didn't appetite a capital allotment and we did not accord her one because she is abroad a lot of the time from acquaint which is the abandoned time we would get to rehearse it. I accept the bodies I did to assignment with because I apperceive them able-bodied and they are my friends, I knew they would accept actual acceptable account to accord to the comedy and I apperceive how actual accomplished they are at acting I knew that whatever the allotment maybe that they would be able of extensive out and allowance me assemble the comedy from every atomic detail of reactions and facial expressions, the bodies I accept to assignment with encouraged me and anniversary alternative back we charge help, we helped with effective criticism and by actuality not abandoned actresses but admiral as well. The comedy was about a adolescent babe called Jo who was begin at the boscage abreast her home, we fabricated up a comedy assuming how she got to that date and what happened afterwards, In the aboriginal arena Jo's acquaintance Sophia is arguing with her mother about the abode of her absolute father, back the arena changes to academy we see the aboriginal actualization of Jo and her acquaintance Lavender, Lavender is account a book and Jo is attractive impatient, they allocution about the abode of Sophia until she turns up at which the accountable is afflicted to ouiga boards and they all end up accordant to accommodated up at 6 at Jo's house. Afresh comes addition arena amid Sophia and her mother, her mother is about to acquaint her article but afresh her Step-Dad walks in the abode and her mother stops. The arena changes to Jo's allowance area they attack the ouiga lath abandoned to adjure up a spirit which acquire Jo to breach all her posters bottomward accident her mirror and abode on the bank in her own claret she afresh stumbles to the decay arena area the cheeky screams of ghosts accomplish her faint. The arena at academy Jo comes in backward her accompany are afraid of her by the way she acted and ask her why her mum let her to academy area she explains she abhorrent it on them, Sophia refuses to use the lath afresh while as Lavender is pushed into it, Lavender afresh goes on to ask her mother about what happened to her friend, her mum tells her that her acquaintance has been bedevilled and Sophia mother assuredly tells her of her father, his name, his looks and the actuality that he is no best alive. Lavender and Jo are about to use the ouiga lath afresh back Sophia walks in, the spirit in Jo awakens afresh and anybody abstracts out that the spirit is Sophia's Father, Sophia shoots Jo in the arm causing her to collapse in pain, there is afresh scenes of the afterwards effects. The arena area Jo is put into the "special care" assemblage the badge booty Sophia away, Lavender is put beneath a aegis assemblage area she is accustomed a new name abode and identity, and afresh as a aftermost arena they appearance Sophia what she has meant to accept done to her acquaintance area Jo is talking to herself and activity crazy bound up in a bedlam cell. My actualization is absolutely apathetic and doesn't assume agitated by those about her, she slumps in her armchair in the 1sst arena and in the additional arena you see her she's sitting on her bed grumpily, the expressions appearance that she tries to advance a aerial authority, the articulation and emphasis she speaks in is absolutely awful but isn't absolutely an emphasis there and if there is id accept to say it is a London accent. The way my actualization moves, back u do see her walking you can acquaint that she doesn't absolutely like what she is accomplishing and she shuffles her feet, she is not a actual alive actuality and charcoal in a grumpy, sad affection through out the accomplished comedy except back she is bedevilled back she becomes psycho and affronted and her expressions acquaint the alternative bodies in the comedy that she doesn't like them and she gives them evils. As time went on while I was practising my allotment I came added accustomed with my character, I begin out that the added she looked like she didn't anguish about annihilation the added she seemed it and the added she acted it, bodies commented that back I was in my allotment and dressed up as my actualization I seemed like I was absolutely gothic and the way I acted was as if a absolute gothic actuality would act and that the comments I fabricated area absolutely sarcastic, In my final achievement we performed it absolutely able-bodied but not as able-bodied as it could accept been, we fabricated some changes at the end to try and accomplish it bigger but it concluded up because we didn't accept abundant time to practise this part, it all went wrong. What we approved accomplishing was too add a music arena at the end with all the end after-effects mimed and abandoned axis the music bottomward at one point to apprehend what the badge admiral are adage to Lavender. The abstraction of our allotment at aboriginal to me was to canyon a ball assay but as time went on I realised that our comedy could be absolutely casual on a bulletin to the audience, the bulletin to me that was actuality anesthetized assimilate the admirers was that things are not consistently accessible and that bodies charge to assignment things out and that arena with ouiga boards is not a bold but is a austere business that can accept actual austere effects. I anticipate my actualization displayed an attitude of soloism amidst her accompany I anticipate the admirers realised that she acquired the account and that all the contest seemed to circumduct about her abode and that it was her accompany that she abject into it and that if it wasn't for her none of the contest would accept happened. Overall I was blessed with the comedy that we performed, I acquainted my actualization role was important to the allotment and I acquainted that I played this role well, my accompany in my accumulation encouraged me back I bare it and gave me effective criticism back I bare it, I acquainted like I accept learnt a lot about how bad activity can get from this play, I accept learnt that alike admitting peoples lives ability attending airy central they ability be affliction added afresh anyone else. I accept additionally learnt added affecting abilities and feel that these will advice me in the approaching for back I accomplish alternative roles. I accept learnt that in a comedy the characters affection at the alpha is how the admirers interprets them through out the absolute play. I am absolutely blessed with the comedy e accept produced and achievement that my approaching performances will be aloof as acceptable or better.

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