D1. Van Duzer’s big-picture thinking

   Van Duzer’s big-picture cerebration (as delineated in Why Business Matter to God) can be interpreted as follows:  · Creation—God created all things good, including business;  · Fall—all things accept collapsed from that aboriginal goodness;  · Redemption—God has adored and is transforming all things aback to their aboriginal goodness, including business; and · Consummation—Christ will acknowledgment and conductor in the absolutely renewed heaven and earth, wherein business-like action may still be conducted, but altogether so. What is your acknowledgment to Van Duzer’s big-picture thinking? What are 3 accompanying implications for the role of animal ability development (HRD) as a cardinal action in any business? Write your acknowledgment in a Microsoft Word document. Your accounting acknowledgment charge be in accepted APA format, double-spaced, and 400–700 words. Include a advertence page, and be abiding to accept in-text citations for the afterward sources: · At atomic 2 citations from Mello (2015). · At atomic 1 commendation from Van Duzer (2010). · At atomic 2 citations from accompanying bookish journals (e.g. Animal Ability Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Cardinal Animal Ability Management, Journal of Biblical Integration in Business, Christian Scholars Review).

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