Cystic Fibrosis PowerPoint

  You accept already completed a basal abstraction about analysis and  mutations. For this appointment you will analysis a specific abiogenetic  disorder and actualize a PowerPoint to explain the ataxia by acclamation  the advice categorical below. Potential ataxia capacity are activate in  the table. You may additionally use the articulation provided beneath the table to activate  your research. Your Guide to Understanding Abiogenetic Conditions. U.S. National Library of Medicine. Retrieved March 16, 2018 from Topics you should accommodate in your presentation: Slide 1 Title Accelerate with Name, Course and Date Slide 2- Introduction Name and call your  chosen disorder. What happens to the anatomy as a aftereffect of this disorder?  What allotment or genitalia of the anatomy does the ataxia about affect? How  many bodies are about afflicted in the US (or worldwide)? Slides 3-4 Describe the affection of the disorder.  What happens in the anatomy to account the disease? Is it a mutation? How is  it inherited? Is it backward or ascendant or sex-linked? Is it  triggered by alternative events? Find 1-2 images to allegorize the affection or  cause of the disorder. Slides 5-6 How is the ataxia diagnosed? What tests are done? Is abiogenetic counseling an option? Slide 7 How is the ataxia treated? Discuss medications, gene therapy, etc. Accommodate an angel to abutment your research. Slide 8- Application of research Summarize new  findings about your called ataxia by researching accepted articles.  What new advice did you apprentice about your called disorder? Accommodate  the resource(s). Slide 9 - Conclusion Summarize your activity findings. Slide 10—References Please accommodate your sources in APA format. SLP Appointment Expectations For this SLP appointment you will advance a PowerPoint Presentation  that is about 1-10 slides in breadth and addresses the  requirements categorical above. Place the argument absolute the answers to  the questions aloft in the accelerate area, summarizing anniversary affair application  bullet credibility (in your own words, you can aggrandize in added detail application  the addendum area). Use 4-5 ammo credibility per slide. Avoid application diffuse  sentences and paragraphs. Maintain constant chantry sizes throughout the  presentation. Be abiding to accommodate citations referencing your sources on anniversary accelerate  (use either the accelerate or addendum area). Accommodate a anecdotic appellation for  each accelerate that describes the affair actuality discussed. Be abiding to accommodate a  title accelerate with your name, appointment blazon (ex. SLP Module 3) and  course title. Accommodate a accelerate summarizing your activity allegation  (Conclusion slide). Your final accelerate should accommodate a account of references  cited in APA 

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