Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign

   As a final activity requirement, the controlling agents requested recommendations to abode the following: Strategy for agents awareness Strategy for advancing aegis maintenance The best way to get the bulletin beyond is to accept a solid mission account to allotment with the organization. You adjudge to actualize an acquaintance attack for the alignment to abode the controlling agents member's request. Your attack consists of the afterward three items: Mission statement Poster campaign Message to alignment via the intranet Create an almost 90-word aegis action mission account for Dayton Soft Products. Develop a affiche attack consisting of 3 posters for aegis acquaintance to affectation in the abode and to administer virtually. Each affiche charge accommodate the aegis action mission statement. Highlight at atomic 5 acknowledged and ethical issues beyond the 3 posters. You may use any affairs to actualize your posters. Write a bulletin for the company's centralized website to a assorted workforce advertisement the cybersecurity acquaintance material. You will charge to abide a abstract of your advertisement bulletin to the controlling agents in the anatomy of a Microsoft® Word document. Provide the afterward elements in your advertisement message: The acumen the accumulated aegis action was established Mission statement Employees' role to accommodated the mission Announce barrage of the affiche campaign Large images of the three posters Strategies and accoutrement for advancing ecology and administration of aegis policy NO PLAGIARISM APA Format Please accommodate sources Based on this advance scenario: · Organization: Dayton Soft Products, accustomed 2001 · Headquarters: Biloxi, MS · Product Line: Tripled in the accomplished bristles years · Staff: Increased from 100 on-site advisers to 155 onsite and 743 offsite (globally) · Revenues: Grown from $73k in 2010 to $3.3 actor currently (fiscal year 2017)

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