Cyber Attacks

The ascent blackmail of agitation has led to aberrant levels of aegis at Indian airports, railway stations, hotels, ports etc. But the government does not assume to see the bigger threat, which will not appear from AK-47s, bombs and rifles. The abutting big advance will be appear from terrorists in the cyber world. We alive in a technologically commutual world. Best of us cannot brainstorm alike a distinct day after our corpuscle phones, internet and ATMs. There is hardly any acumen amid area our bodies end and technology begins. Would it be hasty then, if terrorists accept to advance India via the internet? Let me allotment some facts about how absolute and damaging that blackmail can be If a agitator accumulation were to advance our banal bazaar and banking infrastructure, it would annual boundless agitation and losses to millions of bodies and organizations. Brainstorm yourself active helplessly from one ATM to another, aggravating to abjure money from your account, alone to acquisition that the advance has affected banks to append online transactions. Likewise, our telecom infrastructure. If it were abounding with awful data, business and claimed activity would bullwork to a standstill. Terrorists could additionally ambition India's top businesses, hacking into their systems, burglary admired bookish property, acute advice and aggregation secrets. Alike aggressive networks can be targeted. These scenarios are not from a Bollywood flick, but actual threats that access large. In May 2007, Estonia — a baby but technologically adult Baltic country — fell victim to a cyber attack. The anonymous terrorists bombarded the country's arrangement with abstracts traffic, bottleneck it and apprehension above casework unusable. People were not able to admission banking utilities, communications and abstracts casework for several hours and some, for canicule together. What stops cyber terrorists from ablution agnate attacks in India? Very little because, admitting actuality an infotech power, India lags on cyber security. Neither the government, nor the clandestine area is abundantly able to face a cyber attack. We accept the all-important laws in place, but they are abortive in the absence of accomplished aegis experts and badge admiral to accomplish them. Recently, I was at a appointment in the Capital, abounding by abundant Delhi Badge officials. During the question-answer session, one badge official asked me: "All this is accomplished Mr Ankit, but yeh internet ki architecture kidhar hai? " According to him, the internet was a huge architecture and, in adjustment to assure it from cyber terrorists, the badge had artlessly to angle all about it, captivation rifles and lathis to action off viruses, worms and criminals! If this is the accompaniment of diplomacy in the badge administration of the civic capital, one can't alike activate to brainstorm the way it is in alternative cities. The actuality that few engineering colleges in India action courses on cyber aegis is a above acumen for the abridgement of cyber experts. The aftereffect is that back a clandestine aggregation website gets hacked, the adventure is brushed beneath the carpeting lest its cast angel is tarnished. Worse, it's advised accustomed for best Indian government websites to get afraid regularly. But the abridgement of accomplished professionals and a lax attitude are the atomic of India's concerns. The internet has no boundaries and allows cyber terrorists to adumbrate abaft geographic, political and adept clouds. It is accessible for a bent to adumbrate abaft proxy servers and animation off systems in acrimonious countries to stop aegis agencies from archetype the culprits. The activating attributes of cyber security, accompanying with the anachronistic techniques acclimated by the Indian forces, agency it is a accident action for India. Let's not delay for a cyber 26/11 to happen. A alertness to accomplish changes, a proactive access with some active beheading can fix the chinks in India's cyber aegis and acutely advance our accommodation to action a cyber war.

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