cyber attack

  In adjustment to complete appointment #1 you will charge to acknowledgment the beneath questions. Amuse complete the questions in a Word certificate and again upload the appointment for grading. When allotment a name to your certificate amuse use the afterward architecture (last name_Assignment #1). Use examples from the readings, address addendum and alfresco analysis to abutment your answers. The appointment charge be a minimum of 1-full folio in breadth with a minimum of 2 - sources. Amuse be abiding to chase APA guidelines for citation and referencing source.  Research a contempo cyber-attack and application the Advance Case Study categorical in our argument In Section 2.3.3 address a cardboard account the attack. Minimum breadth 600 words not counting advertence page. This appointment is a accumulative appraisal for Course Objectives 1 and 4.  Assignment Rubric ( 100 Points) Synthesis of Concepts 60 Writing Standards - APA format 20 Timeliness 20!/4/276/2/[email protected]:0 ---link for 2.3.3

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