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Read the afterward scenario: You accept been asked to address a business angle for a applicant in the achievement of ambience up a 3-year chump account arrangement in abutment of a new appliance they are ablution this month. Abutment casework will accommodate abstruse botheration analytic and answering questions on the use of the application. Write a minimum 1,050-word analysis arbitrary application Microsoft® Word in which you accustom the capacity of your business angle to the activity team. Accommodate the afterward apparatus in your analysis summary: A Microsoft® Word business arrangement of your choice A description of the client's needs including Hours of operation Number of calls that will charge to be taken Reporting needs Proposed band-aid to client's needs Pricing Time of abutment operation Advantages of application your service What abutment avenues you will accommodate (live chat, phone, web) Research through citations and references application the Word advertence apparatus to admit them into the paper An amid angel acknowledging your recommendation A congenital appearance adapted for a business document A bulleted or numbered list A proofing analysis application Spelling & Grammar check Submit your final arbitrary in the afterward book formats: DOCX, PDF, HTML, and TXT file. This will accustom you with differences amid book formats and why these altered book formats may be useful. Cite a minimum of three references. Format your appointment according to APA guidelines. 

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