Custom Jewelry Industry In the United States

I charge a abstract for for a analysis paper. This abstract is to be about 10-12 pages. I will column a additional cardboard afterwards this is submitted to complete this accountable to 18-20 pages total. Topic is to be Is it achievable to accessible up a Custom Jewelry Shop in the United States. To be able to analysis this subject, the cardboard should alpha with advice apropos the Custom Jewelry Industry in the United States. Then It should explain if it is a acceptable abstraction to advance in this industry or not.    Research cardboard will be about 18-20 pages, including references; 12-point font; double-spaced; 1” margins on all sides. Images, charts, maps, graphs, etc. should be placed in appendices (these should be in accession to the 18-20 accounting pages). Paper charge accept a awning folio with the following: appellation of research;, apprentice name; and acquiescence date. Paper charge accept a accomplished bibliography in able MLA or APA format. A final cardboard is not a agenda arbitrary but a absolute analytic description of the topic. Final deliverables are a arbitrary in ability point architecture and the final analysis cardboard forth with your articulate presentation.

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