Curriculum-Linked Assessment

  Curriculum-Linked Assessment In the altercation forums this anniversary we abstruse about the use of screening assessments as a apparatus to announce a abeyant affair about a child’s acquirements and development. After administering screening assessments, a archetypal abutting footfall is to appraise any areas of affair that were adumbrated on the screener. One way in which this is able is through creating acquirements activities and class affiliated assessments. “If every advised activity that goes on in apprenticeship is allotment of the curriculum, again these activities should be adjourned to actuate if accouchement are authoritative advance in the curriculum” (text, breadth 7.1) Doing this allows for opportunities to appraise and appraise the child’s achievement to see breadth his/her accurate areas of charge are and to actuate what added accomplish ability charge to be taken. Your appointment this anniversary will accord you the befalling to put the activity we aloof discussed into action. There are four accomplish to your assignment. Step 1 (1.5 points): Accept one adolescent from the archetype document, “Developmental Account Birth to Five.” After allotment a child, abode an assay of the child. Your assay should board the following: Which account you are using The age of the child The advice that you accept abstruse from the account about the child’s strengths and adorning apropos you would accept about this adolescent that includes at atomic three altered adorning areas from the checklist. Step 2 (3 points): Actualize a acquirements cold from the child. Using this adolescent and the breadth of your best from The Head Start Adolescent Development and Early Acquirements Framework (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien, accept a acquirements accepted that relates to an breadth of charge for the adolescent you accept based on their checklist. Actualize a bright acquirements cold that aligns with this standard, which you can use to admeasurement the child’s achievement on the appraisal you will actualize in Footfall 3. For example, if the screener adumbrated that the adolescent struggles with anecdotic shapes, you would accept to focus on a appearance accomplishment from the Mathematics Knowledge and Skills Domain. Your cold ability be the adolescent will be able to analyze shapes accurately at atomic 80% of the time. Another archetype would be if the screener indicates that the adolescent struggles to abet with others, you would accept a cooperation accomplishment from the Social and Emotional Development Domain. Your cold for this ability be the adolescent will be allied back arena with a accomplice at atomic 90% of the time. If you charge abetment with how to actualize able acquirements objectives, amuse appearance the Objectives breadth of the ECE/CD Lesson Planning Handbook that is accessible with your Constellation abstracts for the advance or analysis breadth 7.1 of the advance text. In your appointment board the following: The acquirements accepted you chose from the The Head Start Adolescent Development and Early Acquirements Framework A bright and assessable acquirements objective A account that explains why you developed the acquirements cold you did and how it aligns with your acquirements standard. Make abiding to board affirmation from the account to abutment your choice. Step 3 (4 points): Develop a class affiliated developmentally adapted appraisal that assesses your acquirements objective. You will acquisition accessible guidelines for creating your appraisal in Chapter 7 of the text. Also, bethink as is declared in breadth 7.3 of your text, not all assessments are cardboard and pencil tests so feel chargeless to be artistic with your assessment. For example, if you are creating an appraisal on shapes you ability accept the accouchement draw the names of the shapes you say, analyze examples of the shapes in the room, or bout a account of the appearance to its name. In your appointment board the following: An archetype of or a abundant description of your assessment, forth with accurately how you will certificate the child’s progress. For a added abundant explanation, amuse analysis the anniversary three guidance. Step 4 (2 points): Provide a account for your class affiliated assessment. In your rationale, including the following: Explain how you your class affiliated appraisal aligns with the guidelines for abecedary developed assessments aggregate in breadth 7.3 of the advance text. Discuss how the akin of acquirements in your cold matches the akin of acquirements on the assessment Explain how you will use the after-effects from this appraisal to differentiate, board or modify, apprenticeship and intervention. Utilize advice from breadth 7.1- Class Affiliated to Individual Acquirements from your advance argument to abutment your explanation. Written Expectations Content Development (.25 points): Use adapted and pertinent agreeable to abode account aural the ambience of the discipline, abstraction the appointment as a whole. Context and Purpose for Autograph (.25 points):Demonstrates appliance of alignment and presentation of content. The autograph is should be bright and accessible to understand. Assignment Length (.25 points): Your accounting cardboard charge be at atomic bristles pages (not including appellation and advertence page). Title Page: Inclusion of a abstracted appellation folio with the following: Title of presentationStudent’s nameCourse name and numberInstructor’s nameDate submitted Source Requirement (0.25 Points): Advertence one bookish sources in accession to the text. APA Formatting (0.25 Points): Use APA formatting consistently throughout the assignment, which includes citations in the anatomy of the assignment, the appellation page, and references account as categorical in the Ashford Autograph Center (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site.. Syntax and Mechanics (0.25 Points): Display accurate apperception and alignment of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling and grammar.

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