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Each apprentice will address one blog entry/news commodity (around 300-500 words) for our Ecology Science Account blog (not a absolute blog). The blog access should accommodate a abridgment of a address from contempo account (within 6 months) apropos to accepted issues or frontiers in ecology science. The blogs will be acquaint to a altercation board. This will accommodate a appointment to affix the chic to abreast and real-world issues apropos association and the environment. The blog column should archetypal a approved blog column or account article, accommodate a arresting (1) appellation and image, (2) synopsis, and (3) reaction. You can accommodate your own assessment but I additionally apprehend clear, absolute summarization of the affair presented. You can use one or assorted sources, but there charge be a primary source. Accommodate the articulation to your article(s) and the date it was posted. For account sources, you are not belted to assertive outlets but I animate you to analysis the believability of your account source. Avoid affected or unreliable, binding account sources. Make abiding you are not application the aforementioned commodity addition abroad has already used. 

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