Current Education System Impact on Creativity


This cardboard discusses how the accepted arrangement apprenticeship in Latin America kills creativity. The cardboard explains that accepted analysis charge to be reorganized and how the arrangement would improve. Then it will appearance how chargeless time is important for anniversary apprentice to accept bigger knowledge. Finally, you will acquisition how is the alignment of the arrangement to reflect on the aisle we are following. Additionally forth the cardboard there are some comments to break the botheration because that botheration is affecting childhood.

Keywords: Accepted educational system, creativity, acceptance , methodology, childhood.

The accepted apprenticeship arrangement kills creativity

Does every being accept the aforementioned opportunities in the accepted apprenticeship system? The acknowledgment is bright “No”. Nowadays the accepted apprenticeship arrangement is based on a few important capacity such as maths, science and accent but it does not focus on bodies who like to ball or sing. In the commodity “The case for disruption in Latin American’s classrooms” (Segan, 2016), Susan says that abounding schools in Latin America abide to use aged models for education. For abounding years apprenticeship arrangement in those developing countries has not had a abundant change, alike admitting bodies are developing every moment; our cars improved, our computers improved, and our engines improved. However, in the commodity “Inteligencias Múltiples: La teoría en la práctica.” (Howard), Gardner advance that we accept been acclimated this apprenticeship arrangement back automated revolution. In those canicule this arrangement formed because the apple aliment alone consisted on abstraction or afterward instructions. This apprenticeship arrangement uses those old techniques such as anamnesis but in today’s apple abilities such as creativity, imagination, and addition are needed. Gardner additionally suggests that there is added than alone one intelligence so why does apprenticeship arrangement alone focus on some of them? We accept altered agency to learn, create, and innovate so we cannot accumulate on application this system. Anniversary being is altered and altered so the arrangement cannot adjudicator us equal. Also, the apple has afflicted back the automated anarchy and our aliment accept afflicted too. Now we accept abounding bodies after assignment because the arrangement does not adapt them for new labour requirements because the apple charge added bodies who can break problems. On top of that the accepted educational arrangement believes that some capacity are added important than others such as algebraic and ball but annihilation further than the accuracy because a ballerina can actualize and innovate with his/her body. However we sometimes anticipate that a mathematic or a argumentation being alone has abstract adeptness and cannot administer that affectionate of adeptness in absolute life, but that is not accurate in all cases. However the accepted arrangement apprenticeship guides us to anticipate in a altered way. For those affidavit by me there are 3 issues with the accepted arrangement apprenticeship that kills creativity.

Standard analysis are not acceptable for all acceptance

First of all, connected tests are one of the bigger problems in the apprenticeship system. In the commodity “Inteligencias Múltiples: La teoría en la práctica.” (Howard) , the columnist says that there are several altered intelligent. Based on this advice in my appearance accepted analysis is not a acceptable way to appraise a student’s progress. Connected analysis are based on questions to account assertive bodies with specific skills. For example, in Ecuador there is an assay alleged ENES which account bodies who accept analytic and linguistic intelligence. However, bodies who do not accept those abilities cannot canyon this assay so they accept that they are not able to abstraction anything. Those exams are created to account specific abilities such as the adeptness to account algebraic problems or actualize and break equations. However, in the commodity “The case for disruption in Latin American’s classrooms” (20 May 2016), Susan Segal says that the way acceptance apprentice and what they charge to apprentice is rapidly alteration so the capital botheration is Can a altered assay administer to everyone? According to Gardner there are altered intelligent, abilities and aliment so those kinds of exams do not assignment because anniversary being has altered abilities and necessities. By the adverse this affectionate of analysis board anybody as equals.

Another affair is that a analysis takes a lot of time to be answered and is backbreaking for students. Bodies who ascendancy educational arrangement should change analysis alignment and try to accomplish them beneath stressful. With this in apperception if tests were added practical, acceptance would access their adeptness faster and they would advance new important abilities. For example, with a analysis is difficult to amount the absolute awareness. By the adverse by creating projects would be bigger to appraise anniversary student. By creating projects acceptance advance abilities such as to boldness absolute problems, actualize new account or advance leadership. “In science, we don’t activate by alive the answer-we amount the process¨ (Ossola, 2014). That shows us that sometimes we charge to move our calmly to apprentice better. If we do not accomplish the action we will accept adeptness but we would not be able to administer that adeptness in the absolute world. One band-aid for this botheration would be to abatement the cardinal of tests and access the cardinal of projects but tests could be added applied because now there are a lot of tests that alone accomplishment our adeptness to memorize. At the present time our apple is added aggressive and big account are appropriate to advance our world. In this way analysis should be accompanying to booty advantage of those abilities and adviser us to use them to boldness absolute problems.

Time should be bigger spent

Secondly, the abridgement of chargeless time for acceptance is addition botheration in the accepted apprenticeship system. Time is important for every one because we can use it on altered things such as relaxing, accomplishing homework, arena or whatever we like. However, what happens if we absorb too abundant time in classes? We do not booty advantage of the hundred allotment of our time because we accept backbreaking classes with a continued schedule. In some cases anniversary accountable is badge 2 hours per day, so agents cannot break those schedules and neither do students. Thus acceptance get fatigued calmly and cannot pay absorption actual well. Additionally acceptance who do not like some capacity absorb their time in alternative activities such as arena on their corpuscle phones, chatting or joking. Hence time is not taken advantage of in classes, so agenda should account acceptance and teachers. Anniversary one works bigger if they are relaxed. A acceptable archetype to booty advantage of time is in the article, “A Young Tinkerer Builds a Windmill, absorbing a nation.” (2007). Where Sarah Childress says that while William Kamkwanba agilely bashed through homework, his classmates were active chattering and blockage their Facebook profiles. He took advantage of his time while his ally did not absorb time in a acceptable way. Additionally William Kamkwanba created a new activity after any pressure. He was airy and he formed better. Additionally he did not absorb his time in classes because he was affected to assignment with his calmly so he formed bigger if he was affective his hands. Additionally William Kamkwanba had done his assignment after any teacher; he is a abundant archetype of self-preparation. A abundant archetype of this is back he congenital a wind will alone with a book. This shows that the alone absolute is our imagination. He formed every minute in his activity so his activity could be done. Based on that the academic arrangement should change the agenda and accomplishment anniversary one’s abilities taken advantage of every minute in classes and accord added chargeless time to abatement stress. Additionally the arrangement should accede altered agency to accomplishment time. As we can see in Willian’s archetype creating projects is one of the best solutions because with projects we are able to anticipate alfresco the box and not decay time. Time is too important because we cannot balance absent time.

The accepted alignment no best works

Finally, the accepted alignment based on anamnesis is an impediment to apprentice because artistic bodies are crumbling their time. Nowadays anamnesis is an important abject in our apprenticeship system. However not all acceptance are able to apprentice in this way additionally this way of teaching does not advise analytical cerebration skills. If we anticipate on memorization, scientist comes up our apperception because some bodies accept that they are like robots and they alone acquire their books. However , in the commodity “Scientists Are Added Artistic than You Might Imagine” (Nov 12, 2014). Ossola Alexandra believes that scientists are like artists as well. Scientists are able to actualize because they charge new ideas. Additionally projects are based on new account and a scientist consistently does projects. If a scientist alone has the adeptness of memorize, he would abort in the science world. However the apprenticeship system, which I declared before, is not advantageous for altered abilities based on creativity, it focuses in creating arch knowledge. Schools alone advise what they charge to apprentice they alone advise facts, but sometimes they do not advise how they can administer that adeptness and acceptance are like machines, abandoned machines. A apprentice can chase instructions but the absolute catechism is, can that apprentice anticipate by himself. Curiosity, initiative, administration are not acclimated in classes and they are abilities that can advice a apprentice not alone in his studies additionally in his life. “Innovative solutions and new technologies are arising about the world” (Segal Susan, 2016). That agency that there are a lot of bodies with acceptable ideas. However in Latin America those techniques such as creativity, collaboration, analytic and others are not taken of advantage because those abilities are dead in schools or aerial schools. The arrangement alone teaches us to chase one way. Nevertheless kids are active a altered absoluteness so they charge altered skills. Anamnesis is an antiquate address that should be afflicted by techniques like administration or adeptness initiative.

To sum up

In cessation if the accepted apprenticeship arrangement in Latin America based on anamnesis and arch adeptness are not advantageous in the apple today, we should acquisition a band-aid to advice bodies with beginning ideas, addition or creativity. Today we are adjudicator a angle by its adeptness to ascend that shows us that we are not creating bodies who can break absolute problems because the apprenticeship arrangement is focused arch knowledge. However, the apple charge added than adeptness as developing countries we should be able to aces the best of alternative apprenticeship systems from countries with bigger development. Additionally apprenticeship arrangement is too important for anniversary one because kids are formed in this arrangement and they will be the approaching of our society. Nevertheless we are killing their abilities and we are formed robots that alone accept beeline thinking. Is accurate that there are problems so we charge to analyze which are they and try to acquisition a solution.

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