Curley’s Wifes’ Desires of Mice and Men

Curley’s wife How does Steinbeck present Curley’s wife’s’ desires in the book ‘Of Mice and Men’? John Steinbeck’s novella, ‘Of Mice and Men’ depicts the attempt of two aberrant men during the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Although a array of characters in the adventure are presented as the out casts of society, Curley’s wife is conceivably the appearance in which readers feel best affectionate towards. Essentially, Curley’s wife represents the angel of all women in the association in which Steinbeck lived. Society in the 1930’s discriminated heavily adjoin women; they were about objects, whose sole purpose in activity was to serve their husbands, altar that were to be artlessly seen, and not heard. Steinbeck presents the changeable genders abridgement of character and individuality in 1930’s association by advisedly not allotment Curley’s wife. Her missing a name emphasizes her cheap citizenship. The woman has no name because she is aloof an object, the "property" of addition else. Curley’s wife is accounted unimportant, victimized as a absolute aftereffect of her gender, the majority of macho characters in the atypical accept names, alike Crooks; the abiding buck, who because of his chase is apparently beheld as actuality below Curley’s wife in agreement of society’s classification. Curley's wife can alone be apparent in advertence to her husband, who (supposedly) owns and controls her body, and by extension, her. Curley’s wife desires absorption aloft all alternative dreams. As the alone changeable on the ranch, she has no one she could chronicle to and is presented by Steinbeck to be abundantly abandoned and buried in animosity of loneliness. She appears to present a bluff on the ranch, burying her abreast with aggressiveness and delicacy ‘ She had full, black aperture and advanced spaced eyes, heavily fabricated up. Her fingernails were red. Her beard abashed in little formed clusters, like sausages’. She continuously uses the alibi of attractive for Curley as a agency of extracting some array of advice with others on the agronomical ‘I’m attractive for Curley’. ‘He was in actuality a minute ago, but he went’. ‘Oh! ’. She put her easily abaft her aback and leaned adjoin the aperture anatomy so that her anatomy was befuddled forward’. Steinbeck presents Curley’s wife in a amorous address in adjustment to highlight her bareness and abreast on the ranch. She generally feels depressed and doesn’t accept why the agronomical workers are abashed to acquaint with her ‘What's the amount with me? Ain't I got a appropriate to allocution to nobody? ’. As a aftereffect of her loneliness, she generally uses her anatomy and accident as the alone woman on an all macho agronomical to abstract chat from individuals. Steinbeck presents her flirtatiousness by announcement Curley’s wife’s affection of the colour red ; red as a colour connotates affections of passion, admiration and love. Curley’s wife is a amazon who leads men into trouble. She represents changeable and danger. This has led to some commentators who see ‘Of Mice and Men’ as actuality a biblical apologue to call Curley’s wife as an Eve figure. Curley’s wife’s abreast additionally leads her to admiration power. Her position in association as a woman around denies her of any power, about she chooses to use her position as the wife of the boss’ son to apply what little ascendancy she can aggregation assimilate individuals who she believes are below her in society’s classifications. Curley’s wife uses her miniscule abundance of ascendancy to insult and dispense those below her 'I could get you strung up in a timberline so accessible it ain't alike funny. ’ Wants freedom, is suffocated ; affecting fallacy, back she dies, acclimate is hot and airless because that is how she feels on the ranch.. suffocated Alongside Curley’s wife’s admiration for attention, I accept she additionally seeks freedom. As the alone changeable active on the ranch, she has no one she can allocution or chronicle to, she is Curley’s wife but feels that she cannot chronicle to him. Curley’s wife admits herself that she has no one to allocution to, it appears to the clairvoyant that Curley himself observes his wife as added an article to flaunt, rather than a accomplice who he allegedly loves. She may potentially be anxious of the women that assignment in the cathouses as they assume to accretion added absorption I accept she feels, as Curley’ s wife, she is answerable to present a appearance to the alternative men active on the ranch, as she is Curley’s admired possession, and he seems to appetite to advertise her ‘Well, I acquaint ya what - Curley says he's keepin' that duke bendable for his wife. ’

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