Culture report on Asian Americans.

Each apprentice is appropriate to research, write, and present a well-documented address that provides the foundation to actualize a bigger compassionate of one racial, ethnic, or religious accumulation from the United States. These groups include, but are not bound to, the following: Native Americans (note: the U.S. Census agency uses the appellation American Indian) African Americans Jewish Americans Muslim Americans Latino/Hispanic Americans (please baddest one: Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Guatemalan American, etc.) Asian Americans (please baddest one: Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, etc.) Arab Americans (please baddest one: Lebanese, Chaldean, Syrian, Palestinian, Iraqi, etc.) Pacific Islander Americans (please baddest one: Samoan, Tongans, Polynesians, etc.) The apprentice charge accept a accumulation of which he/she is not a member. The adviser charge accept all cultural accumulation selections. *This was completed in anniversary 1 of this course.  If you do not have an accustomed affair which corresponds with the being you will interview, amuse acquaintance Dr. Bryant immediately! This address charge be accordant to the student’s specific called career field. Report The report will accommodate three elements: Foundation, Application, and Recommendations. Foundation A bright description of the group’s best accordant aspects of the ability and why they exist. Frame this in agreement of activity in the United States, mainly.   This is not a history of the country of origin.  Economic, political, and amusing history (which should additionally accommodate the accepted amusing cachet of the group). Educational advice (education levels, educational system, the role of education). A altercation of ancestors and adoration (some considerations: the role of adoration in ancestors life, the roles of women and men, multi-generational domiciliary or not, affliction of aged ancestors members). Popular ability (fashion, art, music, dancing, traditions, etc.) and cuisine. Application You appetite to conduct an account to become added accustomed with the group’s background, lifestyles, problems, and issues from the angle of a affiliate of the culture. Discussion of how the cultural factors comedy a allotment in their profession and abeyant profession (what affairs you are in at Baker College). Provide a description of accessible real-world situations that would accession acquaintance to abeyant conflicts amid cultures and how to advance altruism or a band-aid that is accordant to the called profession. For example, in a hospital, the dietitians and nurses charge be acquainted that Muslims do not eat pork. Therefore, they should be acquainted that confined a Muslim accommodating a meal absolute pork is culturally insensitive. Recommendation Provide recommendations that advance accomplishments that can be taken in your called profession to accomplish individuals added culturally competent by announcement tolerance.  You can attention recommendations as a alert to activity for individuals in your profession. Your address anatomy should advance up to the recommendations and accommodate absolution for them.   What makes able recommendations: describe a appropriate advance of activity to be taken to break a accurate problem; written as activity statements with justification; stated clearly; based on the case congenital up in the anatomy of the report; and stated logically, are accordant and practical. Format Write a formal, well-structured, researched, narrative, and qualitative report. The address charge accommodate an APA-style awning page. No abstruse is appropriate for this report. The address should be 8-10 pages with 1-inch margins, typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font. The awning folio and references folio are not counted as allotment of the 8-10 folio minimum requirement. Remember, this address needs to be counterbalanced amid the three sections. The address charge accommodate all of the credibility mentioned above. The address requires a minimum of bristles bookish assets (journal articles, books, etc.) in accession to the textbook. Any alfresco actual acclimated in the address charge be cited in-text and included in the references folio (using APA-style guidelines). Grammar and agreement are a allotment of the grade. Amuse accredit to the explanation for specific appraisal guidelines. 

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