Culture And Health


Watch online video clips from the documentary “Unnatural Causes: Is Inequity Making Us Sick? Go to, use the dropdown abutting to “Select Filter” in the centermost of the folio in adjustment to watch the clips associated with Episode #4.

  • Episode 4: Eleven Clips

Based on the video clips you watched this week and last week, thoroughly acknowledgment anniversary allotment of the afterward questions.  Number your responses to accord with anniversary catechism – e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

1. What is the acceptation of the alternation title/name Unnatural Causes? Explain.

2. What are amusing determinants of health? Provide Examples.

3. What is the aberration amid alone bloom and citizenry health? Aggrandize on your response.

4. How do asperity and amusing abuse aftermath bloom consequences? Provide examples. 

5. Clearly explain why bloom aftereffect is so abundant added than a aggregate of bloom care, alone behaviors, and/or genetics?

*Utilizing and citation at atomic two new bookish sources, investigate and aggrandize aloft all bristles questions. Your chic arbiter WILL NOT calculation as a source; Use APA style; See Rubric.

  • discussion-rubric.pdf  - PDF Document (403.5 KB)

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