Culture and Gender

The Commonwealth of Saudi Arabia adheres to austere Koran laws. Among them is the blind of women, alignment of their assignment and lives abroad from men, and active (Wikipedia, 2007). Though apprenticeship in the West is boring alteration this, it is not in any way translated to action changes or reforms (Bradley, 2006). We aim to ink a accord with the Saudi government for the setting-up of a bazaar chain. To be successful, the negotiators charge appearance account to the country’s laws and norms. The Saudi government- through the religious police- is the primary backer and apostle of austere laws and norms pertaining to women appropriately they should be dealt with sensitively. I accept the beginning macho controlling over the adept changeable to arch the team. In the country, women are not accepted to assignment in positions which acquiesce them to collaborate with men. Sending a woman as arch of the negotiating aggregation would be an insult to the Saudis with their deeply-entrenched bourgeois values. Should the CEO assert on sending her, I will ensure that she will not be the advanced liner. She will still arch the negotiations but the agent will be the macho executive. She will still accomplish the accommodation but through the latter. My accommodation will accelerate a bulletin to aural and alfresco the aggregation that we are austere in our business transactions.  It is by acknowledging with the norms and laws of wherever you do business which wins deals. As a leader, it will appearance my adaptability in affairs not wholly coinciding to acceptable norms of administering business. Part II- Ability Corruption Cycle Power Corruption Cycle is an authoritative phenomena characterized by the use of rank to alarm or allurement the lower-echelons to acquiesce an adulterine or base convenance to appear and/or continue. When the closing become managers or admiral themselves, they administer the aforementioned base practices which additionally access those with lower positions. This cycle- if ceaseless by new management- would go on and on. It poisons an alignment in that the affection of service/s and/or articles will be compromised which will eventually advance to its downfall. An archetype is on the application of affairs to bidders in government projects. The associates of the bids and awards board are all base and accept a alternate compassionate of acceding the arrangement not to the one which offers the exceptional bid but to the one who can action the better kickback. A young, newly-hired abettor to the board intends to chase declared rules in behest but anon finds out about the “unwritten rules”. He is co-opted and fits assuredly into the organization. The people- recipients of adorning projects- ache through sub-standard basement and breathless development projects and services. This leads to apprehension and acrimony appear the government which will actualize a anxious in association to reform, if not alter the government in ability and/or the system. ReferenceBradley, J. (2006). Saudi Arabia exposed: Inside a commonwealth in crisis. NY: Palgrave Macmillan. Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia. 2007. Islam in Saudi Arabia. Retrieved Feb. 13, 2008, from    

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