cultural Diversity (Case study)

   50 credibility accessible (see allocation explanation below). Make abiding to accommodate your reference(s) for your information. 1. A home bloom assistant accustomed an affronted alarm from a Mexican- American woman afterwards visiting her abode the day before. Her babyish had been arrant and was feverish the abutting morning and the woman recalled the assistant had remarked the adolescent was adorable. · Why ability the woman be agitated with the assistant for calling her babyish adorable?  2. A 27-year-old Vietnamese woman in the commitment allowance with actual able and carefully spaced contractions. The babyish was positioned a little aerial and there was some altercation of a accessible c- section. Despite her difficulties, she cooperates with the doctor's instructions and labors in silence. The alone signs of affliction or ache were her attending of absorption and her white knuckles.  · Should she be offered affliction medication back she is not assuming a aerial akin of pain? Why or why not? 3. Back the assistant entered the allowance of her Iranian patient, she begin the accommodating awash on the floor, mumbling. At first, she anticipation the accommodating had collapsed out of bed, but back she approved to advice her up the accommodating became visibly upset. She batten no English and the assistant had no abstraction what the botheration was. · Why do you anticipate the accommodating became agitated with the nurse? 4. An African-American changeable was the primary assistant for two African-American teenagers. Back one got out of line, she would artlessly say, "Boy, accumulate your aperture shut and go about and sit down." They usually complied. One day, it was time for one of them to go to concrete therapy, but he was giving the European-American assistant a adamantine time. Finally, she approved the primary nurses' tactic and said "Come on boy, I'm not badinage with you. You accept to go to therapy." The adolescent man flew into a acerbity and started swearing at the nurse. · Why may the accommodating accept reacted the way he did with the European-American assistant and not the African-American nurse? 5. A assistant was caring for a deafened woman who had a new baby.  She had a translator who active to the accommodating what the nurses said and again told the nursing agents what the accommodating said. As she batten she kept talking to the analyst and directed all of her communications to the interpreter. · What ability the assistant accept done abnormally with this accommodating and why?

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