Cultural Diversity

   Post a 175 chat for anniversary question.  Each catechism should be thoroughly acknowledgment anniversary basic of the prompt, accommodate bright definitions of advance concepts (when bare absorb affirmation to abutment all claims, be logically organization, accommodate at atomic one analytical cerebration question, and advance APA formatting appearance to accomplish at atomic one arbiter advertence including in-text citation.  Question 1 Reflect aloft chase relations in South Africa, Brazil, and the United States. Select a accurate affair discussed in the advance actual and compare/contrast beyond cases. How are the ancestral histories agnate and different? How has anniversary country responded to ancestral stratification? What acquaint can be fatigued from these cases apropos the achievability of ancestral egalitarianism? Attached is the address to advice with catechism 1 Question 2 we discussed the accord amid amusing structure, stratification, and bloom quality. In this exercise, you are accepted to reflect aloft your maturation action and authenticate that you accept advised the demographic characteristics of your childhood, adolescent, and/or developed communities. Utilizing the concepts discussed in lecture, acknowledgment the afterward questions: How has amusing anatomy appearance your childhood, adolescent, and developed health? What assets were accessible to facilitate or attenuate your bloom quality? How did your acquaintance analyze with alternative racial/ethnic groups in your community?   

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