“Cultural Change and Project Sponsorship” Please respond to the following:

 QUESTION1  "Cultural Change and Activity Sponsorship" Please acknowledge to the following: Examine the primary affidavit why activity administration causes a cultural change and the appulse of that change on commutual advice technology. Support your acknowledgment with at atomic one (1) archetype of a cultural change that activity administration can cause. The abstract affirms that activity advocacy is a above basic for the acknowledged achievement of projects. Select an alignment area you would aspire to serve as a CIO. Explore the role of a activity sponsor, and highlight the cogent affidavit why such a position is cardinal to your organization’s success. Provide a account for your response. Question 2 "Project Administration Best Practices and Recognizing Activity Migraines"  Please acknowledge to the following: As a anew minted CIO, you accept been assassin to accompany a aggregation after a history of activity best practices. Suggest action and action for your Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to advance standards for your alignment that is after any such authoritative activity history. Justify the capital affidavit why your advancement would be effective. Reflect aloft Kerzner’s “Sources of Smaller Migraines” from Chapter 2. Select three (3) issues from the list. Then, specify the affidavit why these issues are added analytical to ascendancy than the others. Justify your response.

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