Cultural Autobiography

  Cultural Autobiography In the aftermost unit, we began to accede the characteristics of addiction professionals and audience with account to culture, class, and language, and how important it is to be alert of how we appear to these in our able practice. In this exercise we will be asked to booty our claimed analysis added by investigating our own cultural ancestry and its appulse on our worldviews. Sue and Sue (2016) explain that our worldviews are accompanying to our values, cultural upbringing, and experience. For this appointment you will charge to account at atomic one ancestors member, and you may ambition to accommodate added as you investigate your own cultural background. Based aloft the abstracts you accumulate from the account process, your own reflections, and at atomic two peer-reviewed accessories that abode advisor characteristics and cultural heritage, abode the afterward points. Awareness of Your Cultural Heritage Describe your and your family's (either bearing or adopted) cultural ancestry (for example, your benevolent grandparents immigrated to the United States from Italy, and your affectionate grandparents emigrated from Ireland). Share the cultural traditions that accept been anesthetized bottomward in your family. Does your ancestors accept one or added religious or airy traditions? Consider your cultural ancestry in agreement of those aspects of which you and your ancestors are: Most proud. Ashamed. What aspects of your cultural ancestry accept been or currently do aftereffect in bigotry and abuse for you and your family? What aspects of your cultural ancestry accept been or do currently aftereffect in privileges for you and your family? How does your worldview accord to your account about the purpose of treatment, role of the addiction professional, and approaches to analysis that you'll be application in your assignment with audience from assorted backgrounds? Consider abeyant barriers or opportunities your worldview could present in counseling a applicant of a different: Ethnicity or race. Gender. Socioeconomic status. Strategies to Overcome Your Cultural Adequacy Limitations Identify and altercate at atomic one adequacy from anniversary of the aspects of multicultural adequacy (awareness, knowledge, skill) that would be important to administer in ensuring that you annihilate these barriers. Your cardboard should be a best of 7 pages continued and should accommodate at atomic two references from accepted associate advised journals. You may accommodate your argument as a advertence as well. Use APA 6th copy architecture for all citations and references. Reference Sue, D. W., & Sue, D. (2016). Counseling the culturally diverse: Theory and convenance (7th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.  Resources Cultural Autobiography Scoring Guide. Library Guide ADD5336: Research in Addiction Studies. The Writing Center.

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