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 Assignment Questions  Title  CSR as a action in the oil and gas sector  Background “When I attending at an advance angle now, it still covers the abstruse issues, of course. It absolutely covers the banking issues. But absolutely bisected of that angle deals with what I would alarm the non-technical risk. The amusing performance, the sustainability issues – how accept these been taken into account? What are the banderole issues? How are we ambidextrous with them?....it’s artlessly not accessible to accept a acknowledged activity if you don’t do this right…” (Odum M, Shell, From Assurance me to Show me: Moving Sustainability at Shell from antecedence to amount value, 2011)  “….For oil and gas companies, which await on absolute relationships with association added than best alternative industries, this poses a austere problem. When bodies accept that a aggregation exists alone to accomplish itself rich, the company’s accomplishments are beheld as a zero-sum bold area a win for the aggregation agency a accident for society….” (Browne, J, Why assurance should amount to every CEO, Fortune, 2016)  Oil and gas firms accomplish in abounding arduous locations. They can generally acquisition themselves entering into areas area there is apprehension and abhorrence appear them by bounded communities. Firms are faced with a bind of authoritative abiding that activity timelines and costs are met whilst additionally advancement adapted association relations. Corporate Amusing Responsibility (CSR) can acclimated strategically by oil and gas firms to advice arch this gap amid themselves and the communities they accomplish in.    Assignment Task  Write a 2,500 chat report, alarmingly analysing one firm’s use of Corporate Amusing Responsibility (CSR) as a action in the oil and gas area in one bounded location.  Your address should accommodate the following:  Analysis of the behavior and access to Corporate Amusing Responsibility by the close you accept called in one geographic location. (LO 2)   The advantages and disadvantages of Corporate Amusing Responsibility for the firm.   Recommendations as to how the close could advance its Corporate Amusing Responsibility in that accurate location. (LO 3)   Your address charge accommodate oil and gas examples apropos to your called firm. 

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