CSIS Discussion 7

*First, Discuss affair in at atomic 250 chat paragraph.   *Second, accomplish 1 acknowledgment of at atomic 100 words for anniversary      paragraph provided below. For your branch and replies, you    should     support your assertions with at atomic 1 source and   accompanying     citations in APA format. Acceptable sources accommodate  the  textbook,     reputable websites, and the Bible. Discussion Topic:   A chump has requested advice with troubleshooting assorted aegis  problems. Since the computer is for home use, the chump wants to  safeguard it so that his accouchement do not admission specific information.  Recently, the arrangement had several spyware installations and the computer  seems to be active actual slowly. There are warnings back Windows  Defender is open, as well. Explain the accomplish you would use to diagnose,  and adjustment if necessary, spyware on the customer’s computer. Also, add  how you would aegis the accouchement from alien actual assuming up  on the internet. 100 chat Acknowledgment to Anniversary Paragraph!   Paragraph #1   Realistically, if a ancestor wants to abridge media for their children, the best advantage is to not let  them accept admission to a computer with admission to everything, but rather  something with specific adolescent controls, like a Nintendo Switch. However,  since this case accurately is apropos a ancestor who wants to adviser  what his accouchement see on a home computer, able-bodied will abode it as such.  It is actual accepted for spyware of both awful and non-malicious  intent to apathetic bottomward a computer. However, if a absolute company's spyware  is decidedly slowing bottomward your computer, there may be some  extraneous and solvable issues. Aboriginal of all, if Windows Defender is  sending out alerts to the user, it may be a acceptable abstraction to assay these  alerts and booty a attending at a abounding analytic in adjustment to accomplish abiding that  there isn't annihilation awful hitchhiking assimilate accepted software. If  the ancestor does not apperceive what the software they installed does exactly,  you should analysis the angary of the software. If there is an advantage  to reinstalling the software, do that. Ultimately, there is not a accomplished  lot you can do, as spyware is appealing adverse to computer acceleration in  general. I would alone recommend looking into bigger options for  computer monitoring, and if I knew of any bigger means than spyware,  direct the ancestor to them. *100 chat reply   Paragraph 2     The aboriginal footfall I would booty back a chump needs advice with aegis  problems is to accomplish abiding an antivirus software is installed on the  computer. If a software is not installed on the computer or asleep I  would install or advancement anon in adjustment to acquisition any adverse things  that may be on the computer and authoritative the computer run slow. Next, I  would analysis Windows to ensure all the malware is removed from the  computer. "If a arrangement is awful adulterated and will after authority acute  data, a beginning alpha ability be in order. In fact, Microsoft recommends  reinstalling Windows as the safest way to accord with awful adulterated  systems" ( Andrews, Dark, & West, 2017). After investigating and  correcting the affair with the computer I would afresh acquaint the user of  steps to booty in adjustment to anticipate this from accident again. Next, I  would focus on attention the computer for the client. To aegis a  computer affectionate controls and software can be downloaded to block  unwanted abstracts from bustling up. I would allege with the applicant about  what accurately he/she is attractive for. After discussing the assorted  options I would baddest what best fits the audience needs. I would additionally  educate the applicant in the accent of ecology carefully a adolescent on  the web as abounding accouchement will acquisition a way about those affectionate controls  if wanted. As a ancestor of 4 accouchement application the computer and web is  necessary for academy and alike a accepted anatomy of communication. It needs  to be monitored carefully in adjustment to best assure the child. *100 chat reply

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