Review the Week 1 readings and the Red Clay Renovations aggregation contour for accomplishments advice afore responding to this altercation question. The company's chief managers are reviewing the company's Anniversary Report, which will be presented at the abutting anniversary shareholder's meeting. The anniversary address includes the afterward accident statements: 1. Cyber-attacks could affect our business. 2. Disruptions in our computer systems could abnormally appulse our business. 3. We could be accountable if third affair accessories recommended and installed by us, i.e. acute home controllers, fails to accommodate able aegis for our residential clients. Write a two folio conference cardboard (five to seven paragraphs) which can be acclimated by a affiliate of the accumulated lath to explain these risks to shareholders. Accommodate specific examples of the types of accident contest which could action and the abeyant impacts (e.g. financial, reputation, applicant trust, etc.) Remember, the lath associates and shareholders are acceptable non-technical, so accomplish abiding your cardboard can be accepted by laymen. Provide in-text citations and references for 3 or added accurate sources. Put the advertence account at the end of your posting

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