******NO PLAGIARISM***** TASK1:   Write 400–600 words that acknowledge to the afterward questions:   Explain with archetype the Advanced Encryption Standard. Explain with examples, the Data Encryption Standard. What are the differences and similarities amid the Advanced Encryption Standard and the Data Encryption Standard? Please note: Be in APA architecture including your references. Be 400–600 words continued (not including appellation and references). Do not re-state the questions. Include two sources (i.e. two references). Do not use Wikipedia as a reference. Respond to at atomic two of your adolescent classmates. TASK2:   Use the library and alternative internet assets to analysis for advice about the history of Cryptography. Write a 2–3 pages analysis cardboard answering these questions. What analytical affair in symmetric and agee encryption is bound by application a amalgam adjustment like Diffie-Hallman? Provide examples to abutment your answer. How can we administer symmetric and agee encryption in absolute activity situations? Provide at atomic two references to abutment your antecedent post. Please note: Apply APA architecture on your bookish writings. provide 2-3 pages continued (not including appellation and references) as a chat document. Include appellation page, table of agreeable page. Use time new roman or Arial as chantry type. Use 12 a chantry size. Use bifold spaces. Add active arch to the high larboard bend of your document. Add folio numbers to the high appropriate bend of your document. Add a references folio to the end of your document. Do not re-state the questions. Make you own titles and subtitles. Include at atomic two sources (i.e. two references) and use them aural your in-text citation. Do not use Wikipedia as a reference.

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