Crypto Security Architecture Exercise (6 Pages in APA format)

 Crypto Aegis Architectonics Exercise (6 Pages in APA format) Scenario You assignment for the Apex Trucking Company. This is a close that moves abstracts for audience all over North America and Europe. The administration of the aggregation has no absolute ability of technology but wants to use encryption to assure the advice the aggregation has. The advice to be adequate consists of approaching business affairs for the company, banking data, agent records, chump records, and chump addition date. The aggregation wants the adequacy to deeply acquiesce barter to clue their orders in real-time from their agent to their destination on-line over the Internet. The advice that is to be supplied to barter is tracking number, area of shipment, admeasurement of shipment, the amount of shipment, and estimated time of accession as able-bodied as the chump acquaintance advice for this shipment. While this advice can be fabricated accessible from a axial server, the business groups in Europe, Mexico, and Canada charge administration admission to the abstracts to admission new shipments and change orders afore they ship. The aggregation currently is application desktops active Windows XP and Windows-based servers. There are alone passwords acclimated for aegis and a firewall, but no encryption to assure the information. The activity is to accommodate the aloft adequacy deeply application encryption, as able-bodied as accouterment added aegis to the aggregation via encryption. You will charge to abode new technology, the affidavit and costs abaft your choices, and what action and acknowledged implications there are to your encryption solution There is at atomic one business accumulation in Mexico, Germany, and Canada, as able-bodied as three in the US. The aggregation is based in New York. It is important that barter can await on the aircraft abstracts actuality accurate, and from the company.  You’re assigned this crypto architectonics project. Configuration The accepted agreement has one server acting as a firewall and web server. This server is anon absorbed to the Internet.  There is a database server abaft the firewall, as able-bodied as a abstracted server for HR and marketing. The business server needs to be deeply accessed by the business teams. They additionally charge to admission the database server through an Internet affiliation to administer abstracts and affectation reports. All databases use MySQL and are currently not secured. Constraints Your tasking is crypto architecture. The accustomed backup of computers is done on a alternating schedule. It is alfresco the ambit of your activity to plan for the backup of computers. Your architectonics should assignment with the computers you have. You may accede the backup of accessories if an advancement or new accessories would be analytical to the crypto architecture. Specific Tasking You accept been accurately tasked to do the afterward things and advance a complete and complete crypto architecture. Remember, the admiral is actual abreast about cryptography and wants lots of capacity about how you are activity to apparatus the encryption. Describe in detail what new cryptographic systems you are activity to propose, how they work, and how they will enhance security. Be specific about these systems weaknesses and how you plan to atone for the weaknesses. Describe and explain the appulse the new cryptographic aegis architectonics will accept on the accepted aegis appearance and how this appulse will be mitigated. What new issues will appear as a aftereffect of implementing the new cryptographic solutions and what are the arguments on either ancillary of these issues? Show a bright and abundant compassionate of the absolute encryption actuality acclimated such as passwords, and operating encryption appearance not actuality acclimated and whether you plan to use these or not, and if not why not. How able-bodied will all these new cryptographic appearance assignment together?  Identify any areas of concern, and how you adduce to boldness conflicts and issues. What if any accepted aegis appearance can be alone cost-effectively by the new crypto architecture? Have fun!

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