Critically Compare and Contrast Community Psychology and Public Health Approaches to Social Problems

In this essay, I will alarmingly analyze and adverse association attitude and accessible bloom approaches to amusing problems. I will do this by comparing strengths and weaknesses of both approaches, as able-bodied as similarities amid these approaches. To analyze these two concepts, one should aboriginal accept a basal compassionate of the origins and actual development of association attitude and accessible health. According to the American Heritage Medical concordance (www. ahdictionary. om) Association Attitude is “the appliance of attitude to association programs for the blockage of brainy bloom disorders and the advance of brainy health. ” Association attitude has its roots in the brainy bloom ameliorate movements in the USA, according to Tutorial letter 102/0/2013for Pyc4811 (2013). The three best important ameliorate movements were the “moral treatment” (early 1800’s), the “mental hygiene” (early 1900’s) and “deinstitutionalisation” (1960’s) (Tutorial letter 102/0/2013for Pyc4811). Each of these movements was advised to appearance and amusement brainy affliction as a amusing botheration rather than an alone problem. It was additionally a move appear ‘prevention rather than cure’ apropos brainy illness. (Tutorial letter 102/0/2013for Pyc4811) According to Tutorial letter 102/0/2013for Pyc4811 (2013) there are two above models of association psychology: the Brainy Bloom archetypal and the Amusing activity model. The area of brainy illness, according to the Brainy Bloom model, is at the adjustment of alternation amid alone and ecology factors. The Amusing Activity archetypal places the area of brainy affliction ‘within backbreaking and arrant amusing and bread-and-butter structures’ (Tutorial letter 102/0/2013for Pyc4811, 2013) Accessible health, like association psychology, focuses on blockage of disease. It is authentic as “the science and convenance of attention and convalescent the bloom of a association as by bactericide medicine; bloom education; ascendancy of catching diseases; appliance of germ-free measures and ecology of ecology hazards” by the American Heritage Concordance www. ahdictionary. com) Like association psychology, accessible bloom additionally focuses beneath on the alone and added on the accessible and association in general. Accessible bloom apropos itself with the blockage of affairs diseases, such as affection problems, as able-bodied as diseases of which the accident can be bargain if the accessible is accomplished about it, such as HIV/AIDS and cholera (Tut 102 for PYC4811). Accessible health, as practised in South Africa and best automated countries, is based on the biomedical/western archetypal of illness. According to this model, the acumen for ache and ache (and, therefore, brainy illness) is because of lesions aural the anatomy or mind. These lesions are acquired by an alternation amid a. ) The characteristics of the alone (such as age, educational level, comestible status, etc), b. ) Disease-causing agents (such as germs, viruses, alcohol, etc) and c. ) Alien ecology and amusing issues (such as poverty, war, pollution, etc). (Tutorial letter 102/0/2013for Pyc4811, 2013). According to Marc Zimmerman (http://www. answers. om), there are abounding similarities amid the Association Bloom and Accessible Bloom fields, such as their methods, topics, theories and values. Both fields use methods such as advocacy, association organizing, action influence, and broadcasting (Zimmerman, http://www. answers. com). They additionally both administer theories and conceptual models, such as empowerment theory, amusing change theories and ecological theory. Association Attitude apropos itself with cultural issues and differences through the appliance of theory, analysis and action programs. This is agnate to Accessible Bloom approaches because these programs are advised to bout the values, norms, and behavior of the association or public, whether the focus is on ethnic, behavioural, gender, or cultural differences. Both Association Attitude and Accessible Bloom attention amusing relationships and absorb the community. Both additionally accede the alien factors back attractive at the individual’s problems, so as not to alone accusation the alone for the problem, and will apostle amusing rather than alone change. (Perkins, 2011) There are, however, key aspects in which the two approaches differ. While Association Attitude apropos itself added with brainy bloom issues and behavioural aspects of bloom (such as promiscuity, biologic use, etc) , Accessible Bloom seems to focus added on acceptable bloom issues, such as catching diseases (like HIV/AIDS, T. B, etc). The two approaches additionally alter in the faculty that Association Attitude focuses on access and amusing research, while Accessible Bloom has a added practise-orientated access to amusing problems. Zimmerman, http://www. answers. com) To conclude, I would not say that these differences are irreconcilable, as the two approaches accept added in accepted than they differ. Back ambidextrous with the brainy bloom of the community, I accept that it would be advantageous to administer both Association Attitude AND Accessible Bloom approaches. Because both approaches focus on blockage and empowerment, as able-bodied as association involvement, they can fulfil anniversary other’s abbreviate comings by application the aforementioned principles.

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