Critically Assess The Hr Similarities Commerce Essay

Organization reflects the ethics and norms of association bartering articles and casework that meets the needs of the adeptness in which they function.

(Kim & Schneider, 2009) For able administration of assets organizations affectation a bulk of Specialization, Centralization and Hierarchy.

Specialization – the analysis of assignment amid individuals/ department.

Centralization – the abode breadth the decisions are taken for procedures such as selection, development and achievement measurement.

Hierarchy – the anatomy by which alone albatross and ascendancy is classified.

According to Bulk (2007, p. 212) adeptness is a combination/mixture of behavior and ethics of altered individuals in a group/ community.

In an organization, advisers are deployed in an able way so that the assignment gets done. Adeptness for these advisers can be classified mostly into three categories:

Culture of origin

Culture aural which are currently working

Corporate adeptness of the organization.

In 2004 Microsoft launched a association armpit for developers and users, titled Channel 9; it provides a wiki and an Internet forum. It is a association armpit that provides daily videocasts and alternative casework (Microsoft access 9, 2004).

In Microsoft, a aloft accent is put on authoritative structure, adeptness and HR administration practices.

Compensation and allowances were amid the best in the industry.

Recruitment and alternative action offered able training as able-bodied as accomplishment aggressive programs to animate work-life balance.

Due to assignment culture, acceptable advantage and account programs, Microsoft was able to allure and absorb the best bent and additionally answer accumulated diversity.

Some of the agent allowances included affairs Microsoft’s stocks for a discounted price, chargeless healthcare casework for alone and acceptable dependants, accumulated training courses and accomplishment development programs to enhance the skills. The advisers additionally went through a achievement analysis anniversary year, and depending aloft the analysis they were accustomed incentives, pay hikes, banal options and promotions.

Microsoft additionally provided discounts on articles and casework including computer and electronics, home and garden accessories, restaurant, biking and adolescent affliction services. It additionally provided acknowledged abetment as allotment of its “Group Acknowledged Plan” which offered counselling casework to advisers for cases pertaining to absolute estate, adoption, bankruptcy, divorce, etc

Microsoft’s accumulated adeptness was characterized by its able assignment ethic, accidental assignment culture, arduous assignment environment, adeptness of accident demography and auspicious of innovation.

Employees dressed accidentally in the workplace, berth doors were opened consistently for the new agent or boilerplate akin executives. Also, advance was accustomed to advisers to anon accelerate official mails to their arch executives.

Microsoft’s accumulated cultures are based on six bulk values:

Integrity and Honesty

Openness and respect

Willingness to booty on big challenges

Passion for customers, ally and technology

Accountability for commitments

Personal arete and cocky improvement

(Richard Daft, 2011) As of 2010, Microsoft has a bounded organization, anniversary division, or artefact group, focuses on a specific band of appurtenances and services. Anniversary accumulation has its own analysis and development, sales and chump account staff. Daft says although this blazon of alignment is added expensive, it allows the groups to bigger serve their customers. Anniversary artefact accumulation has one controlling in allegation who belletrist anon to the company’s president.

In ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross), careers acquired artlessly through interpersonal networks and were apprenticed by opportunities. Best of the recruits backward in the alignment for 2-3 years, so not abundant accomplishment was put into development of management.

In 2007 – 2010, the new cardinal plan fabricated bright the challenges of HR administration establishing three capital priorities:

Multidisciplinary action

Greater accountability

Increased adeptness through aftereffect based management

It additionally fabricated bright the role of address (HQ) which should be centralized or decentralized, behavior and procedures which bare to be connected to accomplish adeptness and adherence above operations while ensuring the adaptability bare to acknowledge appropriately in a competent and able manner.

The ICRC adeptness was analytical to advancement its mission of aloof absolute altruistic action – NIHA. This adeptness overrode any apropos apropos to growing diversity. ICRC starts in the acreage to analyze bounded needs and again begins with a bottom-to-up access in the hierarchy.

According to Forsythe (2005) “Performance is not about accumulation but about adjustment and candor of individuals and accumulation of people.”

The authoritative anatomy of the ICRC is not able-bodied accepted because of its authoritative secrecy. The anatomy itself is abundant arbitrary and has been decumbent to changes. The Assembly and Presidency are two abiding institutions, but the Assembly Council and Directorate were created alone in the closing allotment of the twentieth century. Decisions are about fabricated in a aggregate way, so ascendancy and adeptness relationships are not set permanent.

The Directorate is the controlling anatomy of the Committee attends the circadian administration of the ICRC. The Directorate consists of a Director-General and bristles admiral in the areas of “Operations”, “Human Resources”, “Financial Assets and Logistics “, “Communication and Information Management”, and “International Law and Cooperation aural the Movement”. The associates of the Directorate are appointed by the Assembly to serve for four years. The Director-General has afflicted added claimed albatross in contempo years, abundant like a CEO, breadth he was aforetime added of a aboriginal amid equals at the Directorate.

The Red Cross reflects the Swiss ethics such as autonomy, autonomous and accord seeking. The ICRC achieves its mission through three capital acreage activities Protection, Abetment and Prevention.

Q2. Critically appraise the believability and authority of HR practices/ methods actuality used

Assessment methods including personality questionnaires, adeptness assessments, interviews, or any alternative appraisal adjustment are accurate to the admeasurement that the appraisal adjustment measures what it was advised to measure. 

Reliability is authentic as the admeasurement to which a questionnaire, test, ascertainment or any altitude action produces the aforementioned after-effects on again trials. In short, it is the adherence or bendability of array over time. Keeping in apperception that believability pertains to array not people. Thus, in analysis we would never say that accession was reliable. As an example, accede board in a belvedere diving competition. The admeasurement to which they accede on the array for anniversary adversary is an adumbration of reliability. Similarly, the bulk to which an individual’s responses (i.e., their scores) on a analysis would break the aforementioned over time is additionally a assurance of reliability.

Validity is the aberration amid what a analysis measures about and what it is basically declared to measure.

This aberration occurs when:

The design is bereft for the advised purpose, and 

The analysis is used in a ambience or appearance which was not advised in the design.

For example, a analysis that is acclimated to awning applicants for a job is accurate if its array are anon accompanying to approaching job performance. There are abounding altered types of validity, including: agreeable validity, face validity, criterion-related authority (or predictive validity), assemble validity, factorial validity, circumstantial validity, allied authority and aberrant authority (Allen, 1979).

Content Authority pertains to the bulk to which the apparatus absolutely assesses or measures the assemble of interest. For example, say we are absorbed in evaluating employees’ attitudes against a training affairs aural an organization. We would appetite to ensure that our questions absolutely represent the breadth of attitudes against the training program.

Face Authority is a basal of agreeable authority and is accustomed back an alone reviewing the apparatus concludes that it measures the adapted or affection of interest. For instance, if a quiz in this chic comprised items that asked questions pertaining to analysis methods you would best acceptable accomplish that it was face valid. In short, it looks as if it is absolutely barometer what it is advised to measure.

Criterion-related Authority is adjourned back one is absorbed in free the accord of array on a analysis to a specific criterion. An archetype is that array on an admissions analysis for alum academy should be accompanying to accordant belief such as brand point boilerplate or achievement of the program. Conversely, an apparatus that abstinent your hat admeasurement would best absolutely authenticate actual poor criterion-related authority with account to success in alum school

Construct Authority is the bulk to which an apparatus measures the affection or abstract assemble that it is advised to measure. For example, if one were to advance an apparatus to admeasurement intelligence that does absolutely admeasurement IQ, again this analysis is complete valid. Assemble authority is actual abundant an advancing action as one refines a theory, if necessary, in adjustment to accomplish predictions about analysis array in assorted settings and situations.

Reliability is all-important but not acceptable for validity. That is, for article to be accurate it charge be reliable but it charge additionally admeasurement what it is advised to admeasurement (Nunnally & Bernstein, 1994).

According to Alfred (1929, p. 259) cerebral tests abatement into 2 capital categories:

Achievement and bent tests and

Intelligence analysis or IQ tests

Achievement and bent tests are usually apparent in educational or application sectors. These tests attack to admeasurement how abundant a actuality knows about a accurate affair (e.g. accomplishing adeptness in mathematics or grammar) or how abundant adeptness it takes to adept a actual in a assertive breadth (e.g. about automated relationships).

Intelligence or IQ tests attack to admeasurement the basal compassionate of the apple around, assimilating it’s functioning, and applying this adeptness to enhance the affection of an individual’s life.

It enables the alone to accumulation by absurdity after actuality collapsed by it. Intelligence, therefore, is a admeasurement of a potential, not a admeasurement of what you accept abstruse and so it is declared to be absolute of culture.

Q3. Advise both companies as to how they may account by adopting adequacy and array based agent resourcing behavior and practices.

Competency Based Agent Resourcing:

Competencies: “The behaviours and abstruse abilities that individuals charge have, or charge acquire, to finer accomplish work” (CIPD 2012)

Competency based Resourcing (CBR): Resourcing/recruiting on the base of anniversary individual’s competencies. The capital role of an organisation’s CBR is to administer advisers all the way from “hire to fire/ retire”

However, this blazon of resourcing is accepted to abounding companies common but what has been gradually become the cogent point is how these companies administer these CBR access above assorted HR activities (See Exhibit 1)

Microsoft Corporation: One of the key advantages of Microsoft has been the affection of employees. The close adopts amazing measures to recruit it`s agents that access able skills, adeptness and intellects. It consistently strives to accretion acute individuals who apperceive the technology and the aggregation (Davenport. T, 1997) They charge acutely top akin competencies due to fast growing technology and competitors. Several alternative IT companies accept consistently been able competitors for Microsoft back beginning. The cardinal planning and organising aided Microsoft to abide as the “Highly acknowledged all-around software firm” (Davenport. T, 1997) It has believed in able agents adapted from the alpha to ensure its stability. Now, the aggregation uses a action alleged Abilities Planning “und” Development (termed as “SPuD”) led by Susan Convey, Affairs Manager at Microsoft. SPuD is focussed on competencies adapted and acquired to break on a arch bend of workplace. The SPuD’s action is accurate by accession accumulation alleged “Learning and advice resources” (LCR) which manages the training and development of IT staff

Concepts to the SPuD project:

– Building the anatomy of adequacy types and levels

– Free competencies adapted for accurate jobs

– Rating achievement of agents in their tasks depending on competencies

– Implementing adeptness competencies in an online portal

– Linking of archetypal appear acquirements offerings (Davenport. T, 1997)

The ultimate cold of this archetypal is not aloof to analysis it but to alteration and body adeptness of the staff. Thus, back advisers are acquainted of what competencies are accepted from them, again their absorption in educational offerings aural Microsoft and alfresco is boosted. (Davenport. T, 1997)

The All-embracing Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC): A neutral, absolute organisation acknowledging altruistic aegis and abetment for victims of war and centralized abandon based in 80 countries and alive back 1863. (Geneva Business News 2009)

Being a altruistic organisation, ICRC concentrates added on claimed qualities and/or “soft skills” while recruiting staff. It focuses on qualities like motivation, attitude, accent administration and administration abilities. Abilities like aggregation work, adaptation, negotiating and analysing etc. As competencies actuality are added of claimed qualities rather than technical, their means of evaluation, selection, training & development varies.

During aboriginal stages, ICRC recruited French speaking Swiss bulk holders in their aboriginal 20`s whose bulk was basically in political science/law/economics. The new recruits are in backward 20`s speaking added languages and access a specialised degree. (Kim & Schneider, 2009)

According to me, Not abundant CBR begin during ICRC`s antecedent stages but this gradually afflicted forth with all-around amplification and all-embracing partners. Now ICRC follows an able CBR due to accretion needs and is benefitted in assorted belief like ensuring adapted agents at adapted time and location, accepting all-embracing funding, creating new opportunities and auspicious new bodies to join.

Diversity Based Agent Resourcing:

Diversity: Similarities and differences amid advisers in agreement of abounding array ambit like age, cultural background, ethnicity, race, religion, income, conjugal and affectionate status, accurate abilities, acquaintance and qualification, sex, and animal acclimatization (Foot hill-De Anza Association College District, 2004)

Equality: It is that the bodies charge be advised appropriately behindhand of the aloft dimensions.

Diversity assets accent back it is utilised as a antecedent of success.

Microsoft Corporation: Microsoft has consistently been announcement and amalgam all-around array above all levels aural the organisation.

“Microsoft strives to accept bulk and absorb differences anniversary agent brings to the aggregation so that it can body the greatest multicultural abode in technology and reflect the growing array and admittance of its communities and the all-around marketplace.”(Microsoft Array Mission Statement)

“Microsoft’s admiral are committed in ensuring that array and admittance is a allotment of their business, from accepting and application bent to confined barter and developing products. They see array and admittance as a abiding action that will advice in success of the company. (Microsoft, 2012)

To ensure the All-around Array and Admittance action works, the aggregation has Agent Resource Groups (ERG) and Agent Networks (EN). They assignment collectively ensuring assorted appearance are included in business marketing, operations and artefact development areas. According to the company`s data, they comprise of several ERG groups e.g. Asians ERG, Blacks ERG, Disabled ERG, Gay, lesbian, transgender ERG etc.

EN`s are added specific to country such as Africans at Microsoft, Japanese at Microsoft, Chinese at Microsoft, Singaporeans at Microsoft etc. These groups provided mentoring, networking and association outreach. Microsoft in 2009 was alleged as one of the 100 Best Companies for alive Mothers by Alive Mother (working mother annual 2009)

After they access assorted assignment groups it is actual important to absorb them. The differences in abode accept to be attenuated and admired to ensure everyone’s needs are met. Greater the bulk accustomed to assorted groups, greater could be the achievement as the accent and bigotry are minimised. Microsoft hosts several contest and alternative programs such as career breaks, adjustable assignment arrangements, acknowledged assistance, medical care, array apprenticeship etc. to accommodate its agents a bigger environment.

Finally according to me, Microsoft has consistently been a abundant abode to assignment for abounding bodies above the world. The aggregation has strived to animate the new talent, no bulk breadth they accord from. Back the organisation adopts an able array administration action as Microsoft does again there is absolutely a adventitious of arch the all-around market.

The All-embracing Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC):

Diversity has been an affair for ICRC. As a all-around organisation, there is consistently a abundant charge of diversity. In the aboriginal 1990’s the expatriates were mainly Swiss. The Address at Geneva alike today is composed of actual few Non-Swiss staff. However, development of all-embracing relations has bargain the charge for alone Swiss expatriates. Again ICRC developed a action of accessible recruitment. In 2003, 49% of anew assassin assembly were not Swiss. Amid departer staff, 52% are Swiss and 48% came from 94 alternative countries. (ICRC, 2004)

“Diversity is an asset; we charge to accomplish the best of it as the emergency situations alter in attributes and consequence that affectation assorted altruistic needs. Thus, the array of agents improves the adaptability and the account of response. There is no “one admeasurement fits all” (Gnaedinger. A 2006)

Gender: Delegations and top administration cadre are macho dominated. Though there is aloft access in the cardinal of women recruits, college the bureaucracy level, beneath the women. (Exhibit 4)

Since backward 1980’s, efforts accept been continuing to advance gender equality. Depending on the situations, they accelerate females to the acreage as there are abounding situations breadth males are bare during war and alternative emergencies. However ICRC is now attractive into advantageous this gender array and attending advanced for its objectives.

Q4. Compare and adverse the Human Resource challenges adverse these companies ambidextrous with all-around and bounded markets

Human Resource (HR) is afflicted by advanced ambit of issues due to the fluctuations in the bounded and all-around market. In the case abstraction of Microsoft and All-embracing Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) several challenges for HR administration were revealed. However, the analysis has apparent that the HR managers accept to accommodated a alternation of challenges.

Microsoft Corporation:

At Microsoft, the HR administration is fabricated answerable for maximising the bulk of their bodies asset to drive business success. Advisers at Microsoft are recognised as the bookish ammunition and are provided with an array of account affairs and assets that are advised to absorb them. Contempo changes that accept happened at Microsoft, sometimes attributed to recession, announce a move that could change the way Microsoft is looked at.

Some of the cogent challenges faced by Microsoft are accustomed below.

Retrenchment Strategy

Microsoft abhorrent the “deterioration of all-around bread-and-butter conditions” for cuts, which larboard shares in Microsoft bottomward by 6.4% in aboriginal trading in Ney York. (The Telegraph, 2009) “Economic action and IT absorb slowed above our expectations in the quarter, and we acted bound to abate our bulk anatomy and abate its impact,” said arch banking administrator Chris Liddell, abacus that the aggregation expects the difficult trading ambiance to abide until at atomic the end of June.

In accession to the agents costs, Microsoft has additionally planned to abate its spending abroad in the business. Arch controlling Steve Ballmer had additionally abreast its 91,000 advisers in year 2009 through belletrist that the aggregation will cut its biking bulk by 20%, and will abate costs on vendors and what he alleged “contingent staff.” Microsoft adopted this curtailment action during the year 2009 and had scaled backed the amplification of its Puget Sound armpit in Washington state, and had additionally bargain its business spending.

These curtailment strategies accept emerged as a claiming for HR. Bulk acid adopted by the aggregation was not absolutely a antidote to the problems but instead it created a low agent assurance and motivation.

Invest in administration development

Microsoft’s success is based on the capability of their employees. (Forbes, 2012) “Whether you accept leaders are built-in or made, companies still needs to advance in their best advisers to advance and sustain administration qualities. Absolute administration training involves advertisement your best advisers to an immersive administration environment.” It all involves a huge advance and a abiding planning by the HR administration to body a best aggregation and to advance in them to accomplish them better. Advance in administration is a connected claiming for HR as they accept to accept avant-garde techniques so that their workforce is appropriately skilled.

Financial Loss

For the aboriginal time anytime in its history as a accessible company, Microsoft has appear a accident per share. (Kulbir Bora, 2012) “Microsoft acquaint a net accident of $492 actor appear during its banking after-effects division catastrophe June 30, 2012, admitting announcement almanac acquirement of $18.06 billion. The Redmond Aggregation confronted the accident due to the write-down it took because of its bootless aQuantive acquisition, an announcement business Microsoft acquired in an accomplishment to bolt up with Google’s ad business.”

Financial situations like this can accelerate a bad bulletin out in accessible and can actualize a abhorrence and crisis in the minds of stakeholders. This can actualize added challenges for the management. During these adamantine bread-and-butter times, Microsoft may accept to lay off added employees. Situations like this can actualize added claiming for HR administration as they may lose a huge basin of best accomplished individuals.

The All-embracing Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

There are astronomic challenges that HR administration is adverse in ICRC. Best of these challenges alter that from Microsoft. HR behavior acclimated by ICRC are no added acceptable in accepted climate. HR administration in ICRC is not as able as of Microsoft. HR professionals in ICRC cannot avoid these challenges. Arch administration charge booty some accurate accomplish to affected these challenges. By accomplishing so they will accompany ethics to the alignment and their addition will absolutely accomplish aberration in the achievement of HR activities.

HR challenges of ICRC:

clarifying roles and responsibilities

putting in abode a result-based administration system

increasing the cardinal of agents accessible for accelerated deployment

reinforcing the bounded and hierarchical advancement for agents members 

to accommodate administration development and career planning to adjust alone interests and competencies(with authoritative needs and priorities)

growing diversity, decidedly with attention to announcement women to top administration positions

Following are the boxy challenges for HR in ICRC.

Developing and Application Employees

The ICRC operations success mostly depends aloft the adapted use of HR. The abilities adapted by the ICRC advisers are absolutely altered from that of Microsoft employees. There is consistently a curtailment of able workers both in bounded and all-around bazaar who are accessible to assignment for ICRC. The HR absence appropriately after-effects delays in recruiting acceptable candidates. The addiction is to ample some positions on the base of who is available, rather than who is adapted for the task.

The claiming for ICRC HR administration does not stop alone with recruiting the adapted bodies but additionally with how they are activity to admeasurement the achievement of their employees. To actualize a achievement adeptness is additionally a claiming for the HR managers.


Funding is a buoy for ICRC. Allotment has been acceptable a aloft affair for ICRC as several capital donors States accept been hit by the apple bread-and-butter crisis. (Annual Report, 2011) Fallen allotment has affected ICRC to abate its antecedent acreage account for 2011 by 80 actor Swiss francs, a abridgement of 7.6 per cent from the originally approaching bulk of 1.046 billion francs. These bread-and-butter challenges advance to agents reductions and larboard HR administration beneath amazing pressure, putting its absolute way of action beneath astringent strain.


The allegation acutely highlight the HR challenges faced by both companies in their operations. In Conclusion, it is capital that organizations advance their people-based strategies in adjustment to accomplish abiding bread-and-butter performance. Microsoft and Red Cross will face several challenges of HR in the advancing millennium. How able-bodied they administer in an more all-around and bounded bazaar will appulse how able-bodied their alignment does in the marketplace.


Exhibit 1

Recruitment and selection

Training and development

Career growth

Performance management

HR planning and organising

Organisations approaching goals and objectives

(Source: CIPD 2012)

Exhibit 2

Types of competencies acclimated in SPuD`s archetypal :

(Source: Davenport. T, 1997)

Exhibit 3

ICRC cadre in 2009:

12,184 agents associates in over 80 countries

Expatriates: 1,453 people

Men: 56%; Women: 44% 

Over 100 altered nationalities

Delegation employees: 9,908 people

823 agents at address in Geneva

(Source: ICRC, 2010)

Exhibit 4:

Gender antithesis at ICRC

Geneva and field: All departer staff












Field: Active of office, active of sub delegation, active of delegation












HQ: directors, accepted delegates, active of operation, active of division












(Source: Kim & Schneider, 2009)

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