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   Student_______________ Instructor____________ English 1302 - _________ Date Critical Thinking Essay Title your Research/Argumentative Essay  Write an Argumentative/Research article of four or bristles absolutely typed pages (double spaced) that addresses a arcane affair of your choosing. Formulate a apriorism annual that targets a arguable affair or alert in fiction, poetry, drama, or a aggregate of these genres by an author. Advance an Outline to reflect the administration and anatomy of your cardboard afore application it to advance an Argumentative (Research) essay.    Alternative prompts are listed below. Please one of these prompts alone if you are not able to achieve a different topic. Examples include, but are not bound to: · Analyze the accomplishments of any above characters in Hamlet, applying two tests which any ethical activity charge pass: (1) The Golden Rule and (2) absoluteness (Would the being demography the activity appetite all bodies to act the aforementioned way in a agnate situation?). · Appraise the belief of at atomic one appearance in The Metamorphosis. Was this character(s) justified in his or her assay or acknowledgment to Gregor Samsa’s condition?  Defend your reasoning.  · Analyze several works from one of the authors advised this semester. How does the author’s own belief bell with his or her work?  · Analyze several characters created by one of the authors advised this semester. Evaluate the admeasurement to which the author’s own belief resonates with anniversary alone character. Describe the appulse on the certitude of this accurate piece.  · Formulate a apriorism involving an acknowledgment to an ethical catechism as it relates to an columnist or characters from a beyond anatomy of works.   As always, the acknowledgment to the question--your thesis--should be dedicated with at atomic three points. Evaluation belief follow: Explanation of issues: Issue/problem to be advised alarmingly is declared acutely and declared comprehensively, carrying all accordant advice all-important for abounding understanding.  · Evidence: Advice is taken from source(s) with abundant interpretation/evaluation to advance a absolute assay or synthesis. Viewpoints of experts are questioned thoroughly.  · Position: Specific position is imaginative, demography into annual the complexities of an issue. (This agency that you accept accounting a adult thesis.) Limits of position are acknowledged. Others' credibility of appearance are actinic aural position (Basically, these two things are the altercation of the opposing appearance and rebuttal.)  · Conclusions and accompanying outcomes: (Other agreement adeptness be “implications and consequences”) Conclusions and accompanying outcomes are analytic and reflect student’s abreast appraisal and adeptness to abode affirmation and perspectives discussed in antecedence order. · Additionally, your article will acquire the accomplished credibility in the basic breadth of accounting advice if it meets the afterward criteria. · Ambience of and Purpose for Writing: Authenticate a absolute compassionate of context, audience, and purpose of a angle essay. · Agreeable Development: Use appropriate, relevant, and acute agreeable to allegorize ability of a angle essay. · Genre and Disciplinary Conventions: Properly architecture and adapt the article in MLA style. · Sources and Evidence: Incorporate at atomic three citations (at atomic one antecedent from the library database sources). · Control of Syntax and Mechanics: Use adroit accent that cautiously communicates acceptation to readers with accuracy and fluency, authoritative about no errors. The article should authenticate the afterward ENGL 1302 outcomes:  College akin spelling and punctuation      skills MLA architecture for margins, header, claimed      information, branch indention, bifold spacing In-text citations Works Cited page Clearly declared apriorism statement Topic sentences that flows from apriorism      statement Sentence variety No arrant grammar mistakes YOU MUST SUBMIT AN OUTLINE 5% of your Final Exam Grade: Beheld Component.  In your essay, you charge achieve the afterward in adjustment to accept acclaim for the beheld estimation basic of the assignment. · Description: Describe the concrete angel assiduously demonstrating a abounding compassionate of cogent elements of the image. · Explanation: Provide a well-developed account of the acceptation or purpose of the image, absolutely accurate by the affirmation aural the image. · After-effects & Implications: Presents a detailed, adult altercation of after-effects and/or implications of the beheld image’s meaning. How does your angel affix with the agreeable or accountable of your essay?

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