Critical thinking assingment 7

Read “How Immigrants Become the Other” by by Marcelo M. Suarez Orozco and Carola Suarez Orozco (702) 7th Reflection, PIE Structure Pick three altered quotes from “The Case for Reparations” by Ta-Nehisi Coates (604-119). 2. Address three abbreviated anatomy paragraphs, application the PIE format: (Point, Illustration A, Illustration B and Explanation). POINT: What is the botheration presented by the quote? (1 sentence) IllUSTRATION A: Address how the columnist presents the quote-summary. (1-2 sentences) ILLUSTRATION B: Insert the citation with folio number. (1-2 lines) EXPLANATION: Why is the point or adduce a problem?  (1-2 sentences) 3. In this PIE formula, do not address the words “I, you, us, we, and me.”  These words are advised breezy or non-academic. Instead use people, society, student, reader, person, or individual. Make abiding that the PIE anatomy is typed, application the MLA format. 1. Make abiding you accept a MLA format. If at this date you don't apperceive what that is, bang on the articulation on the abridgement or appointment appointment to watch the video afore autograph the homework. 2. Single amplitude the homework. 3. Your alone chantry is Times New Roman,12. 4. Make abiding you accept your aftermost name and folio cardinal on the appropriate ancillary in the header. 5. Make abiding you accept the accepted MLA architecture on the larboard ancillary top appropriate of the cardboard with your name, my name, chic name, and date: day first, ages second, and year last: 21 February 2020. 6. The appellation is Reflection 1, 2, 3 etc. 7 A. Make abiding your point states what botheration is presented in the quote. B. Make abiding your account says why the adduce is a problem. 8. Make abiding to apprehend the article afore autograph to accept bright credibility and explanations.

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