Critical Review Update, Address feedback given to you by me after your graded first draft. Include another scholarly author to critique the scholarly source you reviewed.

 Updated Critical Review: In this appointment you charge do achieve two things:  Address acknowledgment accustomed to you by me afterwards your graded aboriginal draft.  Include addition bookish columnist to appraisal the bookish antecedent you reviewed. The purpose of this is for you to authenticate that you can accommodate a antecedent chic account into your accepted assay in the essay. How does this new antecedent abutment your critique? How does this new antecedent claiming the altercation fabricated in the commodity you reviewed?  Teachers comments Dear Kayla,   God job overall! I admired that you explained the author's addle and the ample ambience of ability backroom from the outset. Similarly, it was nice that you discussed anniversary case abstraction separately.   On addition note, try to aggrandize the commodity and be added specific back you accord examples for anniversary case.   Nevertheless, do not be too codicillary on continued quotes for anniversary case, instead digest the continued adduce and explain in afterwards. There were abounding errors in spelling and writing. I would advance that you adapt your paper. Also, try to explain what alternative political scientists would say about Timmerman's (2012) article.  Lastly, one of the better portions of this appointment was to advance at atomic two critiques of the commodity you were reading. For your rewrite, amuse do not balloon to do this actual important part.  Do not alternate to ability out, if you accept any questions.

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