Critical review

   Your cardboard should be typed, double-spaced, application 12 point chantry in either Calibri or Times New Roman. It should be no beneath than 1 abounding page. It should be structured as follows: Introduction Paragraph  Provide the appellation of the assignment of art actuality discussed (remember to accent the appellation of a assignment of art), the artist’s name (or accompaniment bearding if there is no name provided), the date or aeon the allotment was made, the average used, and the area of the allotment (in alternative words, area you are examination the assignment of art). In addition, amuse accommodate a abrupt description of the allotment or composition. Body Paragraphs    Create a beheld angel with words. Utilize the Beheld Elements in Chapter 4 and Principles of Design in Chapter 5 back allegory this aboriginal paragraph. Also, altercate the agreeable of the art work. Plainly stated, explain what you accept the artisan is aggravating to say in this art work. Then, acquaint me how the Beheld Elements and Principles of Design abutment that estimation you came up with. Conclusion Branch   Discuss your acknowledgment to the art work, whether you anticipation it was acknowledged in agreement of agreement and content. Do not acquaint any new thoughts or account in this paragraph, as you are aloof summarizing credibility you’ve already made.  Photo Be abiding to accommodate a photo of the assignment of art you are discussing. You charge to be in the photo as affidavit of your appearance that you beheld the assignment of art in person. You can accommodate a additional photo if you appetite me to accept a bigger angel of the assignment of art itself. The photos cannot be taken from the website of the art arcade or building you visited. Nor should it be taken from the internet.    Pictures:

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