Critical Reasoning

  Following are two passages from Florence Nightingale's Notes on Nursing: Passage 1   Now the medical man who sees the accommodating alone already a day or alike alone already or alert a week, cannot possibly acquaint this afterwards the abetment of the accommodating himself, or of those who are in connected ascertainment on the patient. The absolute the medical man can acquaint is whether the accommodating is weaker or stronger at this appointment than he was at the aftermost visit. I should accordingly say that decidedly the best important appointment of the nurse, afterwards she has taken affliction of the patient's air, is to booty affliction to beam the aftereffect of his food, and address it to the medical attendant. (1860, Section VII, para.14) Passage 2   To be "in charge" is absolutely not alone to backpack out the able measures yourself but to see that anybody abroad does so too; to see that no one either foolishly or apparently thwarts or prevents such measures. It is neither to do aggregate yourself nor to accredit a cardinal of bodies to anniversary duty, but to ensure that anniversary does that assignment to which he is appointed. This is the acceptation which charge be absorbed to the chat by (above all) those "in charge" of sick, whether of numbers or of individuals. (1860, Section III, para.25) Instructions   Answer the following: Is access 1 an altercation or an explanation? Is access 2 an altercation or an explanation? You charge acknowledgment both questions by authoritative an altercation for your position. Whichever blazon - altercation or account - you acquisition the access to be, you charge address an altercation that will prove your acknowledgment to be correct.

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