Critical Essay About: Fiscal and Monetary Policies under the Fixed Exchange Rate in Saudi Arabia

 I charge your advice for autograph article (8 pages not including the awning folio and references page)   The affair as below: How do budgetary and budgetary behavior beneath the anchored barter amount in  Saudi Arabia advice the country to access the active standard? What are  the goals of the budgetary and budgetary policies, and how are they  achieved? What are the challenges that the country may appointment on the  journey to accomplish the goals? What are the instruments they may use to  overcome these challenges?   Directions: - Write an article that includes an addition paragraph, the essay’s     body, and a cessation branch to abode the assignment’s adviser     questions. Do not abode the questions application a question-and-answer    format.  -APA appearance should be used -Font will be: Times roman 12, and bifold amplitude should be amid lines -At atomic 3-4 scholarly, peer-reviewed account accessories will be acclimated as references (including the beneath two). Required Reference: - Askari,  H., & Krichene, N. (2016). 100 percent assets cyberbanking and the aisle to a single-country  gold standard. Quarterly  Journal of Austrian Economics, 19(1), 29-64. - Cesarratto, S. (2017). Alternative interpretations of a stateless bill crisis. Cambridge Account of Economics, 41(4),  977-998. Retrieved from

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