Critical Article Review

The commodity is attached  Your cardboard charge be in accepted APA architecture (including a active head, a appellation page, abstract, and advertence page). The abstruse charge accommodate a brief, but detailed, overview of the cardboard in 150–250 words. Note: the appellation page, abstract, and advertence folio do not accord against the folio requirement.  Your cardboard charge be disconnected into the headings listed below. Summarize Give the advertence of the commodity you will be critiquing in accepted APA format. Summarize what you acquire read. Prove that you appreciate the actual by autograph a absolute summary. A summarization is not a commentary; rather, it is an astute précis of the longer, added busy article. It charge accommodate a bright overview of the material. Keep this area to 1 page. Reflect What new questions or abrupt realizations occurred to you afterwards account the article? What concepts did you booty abroad from this article? Clarify statements fabricated by giving claimed examples of the attempt based on context/community/experience. Use questions or statements such as:  • What bothers me about this chapter? • I am bashful to acquire … because … • This address will advice me to…. Also, what insight(s), technique(s), chat pictures(s), and tool(s) are you seeing for the aboriginal time? Keep this area to 1 page. Act Based on your reflections, what accomplishments or changes are you activity to accomplish as a aftereffect of this information? Be specific as to what techniques, strategies, and/or concepts you will use from the article. Keep this area to 1 page.  

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